Wednesday, 8 May 2013

More Tins and Baby Cases !! .... How Many Does a Girl Need ?

Hello there ... hope you are all well
... life has been a bit hectic here ... just that 'making a living' kinda stuff.

Its been lovely and sunny this afternoon (after lots of rain!) but just ever-so windy ... and its still at it.
 As I sit tucked up in my jim jams writing this .. I can hear the wind howling around the cottage .. rattling at the windows and roaring down the chimney.
I feel so sorry for all the little birds sheltering in the hedges .. they must feel blown to bits...

Anyway it being Spring and all ... I have been having a good old clearout ...its just amazing ... and ridiculous really ... the amount of 'stuff' I keep ...'just in case'. 
Well that 'just in case' hasn't happened in the last 20 years or so ...
so stuff has had to go.
All the sets of china ... fruit dishes ... extra cutlery ... a suitcase of bandages?! ... what did I think I was going to do ... set up a hospital?
So yes ... its a lot clearer .... and yes I do feel better ... 
less cluttered.

And ... of course leaves room for other new 'treasures' ....
Oh ... how I can hear my children groaning ....

Yes ....I'm afraid !
... once a collector of 'treasures' ... always a Magpie!

And Tins ..
who can resist a nice tin.
If you remember I found the cute little red tin a while ago.
 I hadn't seen this sort before .. biscuit tins with little handles ...
a bit like baskets. 
Well I found another two the other day ... I gave them a good old soak in some soapy water and they came up lovely ...

So .... whats to call a collection of tins ... simply ...
   a Trio of Tins
 ....but what if I find more ... 
A Train of Tins? 
....a Tarry of Tins?
What do you think ?

Perhaps tins don't do it for you ....what about cases?
Hubby P found this itsy bitsy baby case the other day ... 
well ...
I couldn't let that go either ... it had to come home with me. 

It needs a bit of  a polish and I may line it with something pretty ....its just ideal to keep my hankies in.
Oh .... I so love old battered cases ...
 it may explain the affection I have for Hubby P ....old..battered.. and a bit leathery ...hehe!

Bit of a walk around the garden ..

Wills tree ... all the sticky buds emerged into lovely bright green leaves.

 The tulips have been a welcome splash of bright red amongst the green ... they are looking a bit blousy and battered now... 
Although Hubby P did say we sat ... tea in hand ... looking at the garden ... that .. indeed ... he did like the blousy  look ....
maybe that explains his affection for me .... 

Another pot of promise ... tulips just on the way to full bloom.

Lilac buds.

And of course a few Bluebells .... a garden has to have a few Bluebells.

Take care
 xx   Bye for now   xx



  1. I'm so glad you are well, I was worried, your new posts weren't coming up, thought maybe you were still ill,
    you have the best garden, just as it should be, you're collecting tins is such a great hobby, they truly are little gems, I wish our lilacs were in bud but thats a way off for us I'm afraid, . take care my freind

  2. I have the very same baby case - my mother had it during the war. Mine is a bit tatty but I love it

  3. I love the tins with handles! Very often used here in the past, as sewing boxes. I have...just say "several".....I am a tin person, too....
    The garden is beautiful. Last year we had tons of lilac flowers...only TWO this year!
    Just finished raining with hail...must go to the barn and get the animals in...

  4. Those tins are beautiful just the right thing to cheer up a windy day, and excellent for storing more treasures!I love looking at the pictures of your garden, we're starting from scratch in ours (our rabbits had a field day eating all the plants) and I like the mix of cottagey planting and a few veg.

  5. Hi Vicky, isn't the weather today ghastly? I think your garden must be more sheltered than mine as your plants are far in advance and it really looks like Spring! I wonder if you can help me with something? I make candles as you know and have been asked to supply 4 tea cup candles for a shop in Beaumaris. I'm having probs finding really pretty, delicate (not clumpy and chunky) teacups and saucers that are feminine and cheerful, suitable for weddings. Do you think you could find me some please? You know where to look! Hope you don't mind me asking. Diolch, Karla xxx

  6. A tintabulation? Love the tins, I haven't seen any like that, I'll have to start looking now!

    Your garden is so pretty, let's hope the weather improves so you can enjoy it some more.

    Love Claire xx

  7. I've never seen tins with handles before - there's a first. Your garden's looking lovely. Our bluebells are just coming out now.
    Love from Mum

  8. Hi Vicky, thank you for responding to my request so quickly. I think it would look far nicer for all the cups and saucers to be different; a whole mix of pretty colours, patterns, shapes and sizes. She asked for them for the summer, so if you could track some down during the next 3 or 4 weeks, that would be fab. Please don't worry if you don't have time, or can't find any. Thank you again, Karla xxx


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