Tuesday, 14 May 2013

A Little Sadness .... And We Celebrate Our Joy Of What We Have.

Hello there ....

Sadness here this week ...  
our lovely old friend Fly passed away on Sunday.

 We miss her very much .... but she was very old and very frail... and a little confused ... and simply 'faded away'.
Some of you may remember she joined us about 4 years ago ... she came to Anglesey for her retirement.
 Her life .... not an easy one ... was spent working on farms ... so she deserved a little time to pootle about in the garden ... and lay in front of the fire.

Hubby P found a nice spot in the garden for her ... and one of Will's trees (a self sown Apple) ... will shade the spot and be forever Fly's bit of the garden.
It looks a bit bare at the moment ... I will plant a few more cuttings and soon the garden will spread about and 'tuck her in'. 

These pretty Bluebells are close by and no doubt will spread.

 The zingy Wild Garlic will add a fresh green carpet under the tree.
She will be sadly missed ... 

Life goes on for us here .... 
and we celebrate our hearth and home.

As you may know I like to collect interesting old birdcages ... not that I want to keep real birds in them ....
But I have a few ... dolled up with bits and pieces..  

This one has Polly parrot and crystal droplets in it .... they catch the light and look pretty...

 But just look at this one Hubby P found .... My Word!

This is just fabulous!

Quite old (vintage) and made from wood and wire .... just simply a lovely thing.
It was very mucky ... so I gave it a shower and a good sponge down with some soapy water ... and  stood it in the garden to dry.
It will look just great hanging in the conservatory.

And I just had to share this with you .... so exciting....  

The first spears of Asparagus .... Asparagus you can grow in a pot ...who knew?
I thought you had to have a huge bed set aside for it ... I discovered  online (of course)... when I was looking for Rhubarb crowns.
I will take a few years of course until I can really harvest it ... but how fabulous .... 

Anyway enough from me ... take care  xx


  1. Thinking of you xxxx these furry friends do get under the skin and right into our hearts don't they? xxxx

  2. It is so sad when you lose a faithful friend, they creep into your heart when you are not looking and a little bit of Fly will be there for ever.

  3. So sad ... Love how your garden is going to tuck her in ...

    Love Claire xx

  4. So sorry to hear that you've lost a good friend- its good that she had a happy loving comfortable home with you after all those years of working - Bless her xxx

  5. Bless Fly - so lovely she had some happy years with you. I'm glad she has a resting place in your garden where she can still be close.

  6. Sorry to hear about Fly, but so glad that she had a lovely home in her last years xx

  7. so sorry to hear about fly, its so hard to lose a pet, I love the final resting place, what a lovely place to be laid to rest,

  8. So sorry to hear about fly. I am glad she had a lovely retirement home with you, and a beautiful garden for her resting place...

  9. Sorry to hear about your dog.It sounds like you gave Fly a wondeful retirement, and a beautiful spot to rest in the garden. Those birdcages look amazing, really decorative.

  10. Sorry about Fly. We have a cat who is in a similar state. He's about 20 and really very wobbly these days. But he still seems happy, and he'll choose his own time, no doubt.


  11. Rest peacefully, Fly, you're in a beautiful spot.
    Love from Mum

  12. sleep well pretty little Fly xx

  13. Always sad to hear about a loss - sounds like she had such a a lovely retirement with you and the perfect resting place in your garden.


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