Monday, 1 April 2013

Brrrrr its SO COLD!.....

Hello there folks...
thought it was about time I had a quick catch up.

Hope you are keeping warm .... its ever'so cold here....
we have been run off our feet with work ... lots of Car Boot Sales on over the Easter weekend ... but it has been SO COLD... 
its really taken it out of me...

 Managed to find myself some pretty blankets today ...I think everyone loves a nice snugly blanket ... I fell for the lovely colours (although they don't show up so well on the photos).... and the texture ... texture .... kinda look and feel .. that you can sort of dive into .. if you know what I mean.

 And just look at this label ... just so .. well ... old and solid and ...dependable looking ... so comforting you see what I mean ...
  or is it just me?

And the workmanship .... why do we not produce quality like this anymore ...
Just love it.

Speaking of bedding though ...

 Who remembers these ?

Bri Nylon the scourge of many a bed..

Blue for a boy

Pink for a girl .... and with pretty white frills around the edge.

These came from Woolworths .... who remembers Woolworth's ?
Good old Wolworth's has been gone ages now.

As with a lot of our stuff it they came in with house clearance stuff...I have put them on ebay ... they are a retro collectors item nowadays.
Unfortunately most others we are having to 'up our game' and try and earn more of a wage ... the cost of living is horrendous.
  So I have changed my ebay from a messing about ... selling the odd thing ... to selling as part of the business. 
So that means a lot of time listing ... and generally ebay type things ... not that I find it widely interesting and absorbing ... much rather read 'my girlie's blogs'... but there you have it ...  

Lets hope it warms up soon .... make us all feel better.



  1. It has been quite sunny here in Yorkshire but still very cold. I love the wool blankets especially because of the label, not very often you see Made in England on anything anymore! Don't ever want to get between the nylon sheets again lol, catchy sparky things, they were terrible. I think the only up side was they dried very quick on wash day!

    Hope the ebay sales do well for you.

    Karen x

  2. we have to do what we have to do to make a living!
    I understand completely, we are on a fixed income now Garry has retired ( he was fifty when he retired) he was sick and had no choice, I have to watch every penny!
    I would imagine you would much rather be reading all your friends blogs but making extra money is important with the price of things.I don't know about England but wow things are getting so expensive over here in Canada, the prices just keep going up and up!
    Take care, it freezing cold here to so I can't send you any sunshine! I could send some snow!!! lol

  3. Lovely blankets, I keep looking out for those woollen blankets in the charity shops, they are ideal for using as the wadding in my quilting and make the quilt a good weight and so warm.Yours are in such good condition, great find!
    Good luck with your e bay selling.

  4. I love that wool blanket. Nothing is quit so warm and cozy as wool :)
    My hubby and I are celebrating our 37th wedding anniversary this week and we are having a $25 give-a-way, please come over and get your name in the drawing :)
    Have a marvelous week,
    Your blogging sister, Connie

  5. Hi Vicky, I met you at the Valley carboot a few weeks ago. The blankets are lovely, I got a lovely one for myself from a Charity shop it has beautiful coloured weaving. I washed it at 30 degrees and it shrunk so we had to stretch it out, it's not too bad, ha ha. Should have used a wool cycle apparently, you live and learn. Hope ypu have a good day at the carboot tomorrow, just decided were not going tomo. byt Thu. but we will have to do lots of ebay selling to make up for it, keep warm. Katy

  6. I love the blankets. They just make you feel more secure somehow - daft isn't it!
    I once nearly set myself on fire getting into a bed made with nylon sheets wearing a brushed nylon nightie!
    Hoe the ebay thing works out xx

  7. Good Luck with ebay. I keep telling myself I should get into our loft and see what I have to sell. As you say the cost of living is definitely going up.
    I've never used ebay before. I reckon I should dip my toe into those waters. Some of the stuff in my loft has been there since we moved here in 1981, so I can't say I need it.
    do keep warm car booting. it is so cold out there !

  8. The blankets are lovely. I've been clearing out the cupboards and attic by selling on ebay, and it has been a useful boost to our income. I'm wondering how much the new postal rates are going to affect things. I haven't bothered listing anything this weekend. I thought I'd just watch for a couple of weeks to see if people are prepared to pay the ridiculously hiked postal charges.Bulky but light stuff that cost 2.20 to post last week will cost 5.20 from tomorrow!

  9. Just love the blankets - not the pillowcases though!!!!!!!!

  10. I've been reading some real horror stories on the Ebay forums about the new postal charges Vicki, hope you don't get caught out x

  11. Hi Vicky, I love the blankets. We still really need them in this cold weather, although the sun is gorgeous to see I wish the wind would drop. Karla xxx

  12. That name, Bri-Nylon, jumped off the page and wacked me in the face. A blast from the past!

    I love love love your blanket. xxx

  13. I buy wool blankets whenever I see them. I found one at a rummage (jumble) sale very cheaply. It had a railroad logo, so I thought I would give it to my cousin, who is a train collector...he looked the logo and found it was a very collectible one, used on troop transport trains in WW2...
    It is amazing what you find out when you play with "junk"!
    Good luck with your endevors..are people buying more at flea markets and boot sales? It was very slow here in the US for quite awhile...

  14. Not just me with the cold then! I cannot be bothered to do ANYTHING!! It has to warm up SOON!! Winfield brings back memories! My first job was at Woolworths - and I LOVED it!! We were like one big happy family!! I was in 'charge' of the electric department and had the job of changing the lampshade display!! The best bit was when covering for the girl on the record dept. - even if just for her lunchbreak! You could play whatever records you liked!! Yes, I love the blanket too and I've also done a bit of Ebay selling to make ends meet. Tough isn't it? Take care xxx
    Chrissie's Crafty Corner!

  15. I miss Woolworth's! You could find every thing for your house and home, and also under clothing that didn't smell like it was manufactured out of synthetic petrol!
    Lovely cotton under clothing! You know what I mean?!
    Thank you for posting about the good old days ;)
    Teresa in California, U.S.A.

  16. Hello Vicky,

    I would bring you another wooly blanket to wrap up in if we lived close by. It only just warmed up here yesterday.

    Was just thinking this past week how I miss the old Woolworth stores.



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