Saturday, 26 January 2013

I'm Tired Of Waiting .... Thrifty Seeds ..

Hello there ....
Gosh the rain is lashing the windows ..and the wind is howling around the cottage tonight ...hope you are all tucked up safe and warm.

 Well ...its come to this ...
I am fed up waiting for a 'spring like' sign...
I feel I have to jump start it ... just like you would a rusty old motor.

I had a rootle about and found a few old pots ... gave them a good wash ... and dispatched Hubby P ...posthaste!
 .. to purchase a small bag of potting compost ...needless to say he returned with two huge bags ... no doubt we will use it all eventually.... 

I know really its a bit early ... and there are few seeds that can be sown (in the midst of winter!) without all the sophisticated tackle such as greenhouses and heated mats and whatnot.
But I will give it a try ... makes me feel as though I am starting on the garden.

As you can see ... my equipment is far from sophisticated. 
When I went looking for pots and whatnot I remembered that in a fit of 'tidying and organising' ....always a dangerous thing.. I had given most of my pots etc away.
Not to worry I made do with what I cold find ... good old margarine tubs and milk bottles.

 So what did I plant ... Some Broad beans from a packet someone had kindly given me ... a few Leek seeds I bought online... and some Garlic ...from good old Lidl!
I was looking at Garlic to plant and its so expensive for so little ... so I thought I would try bog standard Spanish Garlic from the supermarket.
 Maybe it won't be as big and plumptious as the seed merchants proclaim theirs to be ... but it will do me.

And on the sewing front... 

I made myself a new little purse from the Grannie Ivy squares.

Its a rather warm and soft ...and  squishy little number..

With a good strong zip and pretty pink floral cotton to line it.

Just a bit of everyday Grannie to carry with me ... help me eek out my pennies.

So what have you been up to today .. anyone else been thinking about Spring and planting?

Take care ..bye for now x


  1. Hello Vicky, last year we used the plastic containers that meat comes in and covered with cling film ... Home made propogators! Some have a plastic lid too, so even better xxx

  2. I know exactly how you feel I'm itching to get started too.I had a total washout last year and the slugs set up camp and ate pretty much everything but I'm ever the optimist :-) Happy Planting xx

  3. Terrific idea to use milk cartons as seed trays- I love it! DO you transplant your garlic outside when it has put down some roots?

  4. I really like what you did with your day, I feel dull and lazy compared to you, I went to the Farmers Market to replenish our Maple Syrup, , made a pot of split pea soup with the ham bone , did a bit of laundry, thats about it,

  5. Hubby has planted our garlic & a few other veg. Today we are eating the last of our HG brussels

  6. You reminded me that I should also start with leeks and garlic planting. The dull weather had made me forget all about spring just being round the corner.

  7. Love your purse :)

    I want to grow some garlic too... wonder how it fares in pots though as I only have a tiny paved area for a garden

  8. hello vicki,
    you remind me that i should start with my seeds,too.thanks for the tips about garlic.

    greetings from germany,


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