Saturday, 8 December 2012

Vintage Scrumptiousness... Buttons ....and A Early Morning Visitor.

Hello there ... hope its a good weekend for you.

Its been one of those 'work-y' days for us ... so ... this has been my world today.

A few pretty pic's of the type of vintage-y goods we sell ....
... it was a bit slow today was cold...I was bored pricing up stuff ....and the camera was in my bag ...

Cute little Bambi style meets vintage-y beads...

A touch of Christmas...

Beads bangles and brooches ...

 The loveliest dried flower pictures ...

A few scent bottles ....

Here I was snooping with the camera on Hubby P ..... busy amongst his boxes of House Clearance stock ...'everything 25p' ...a bargain!

One of Hubby P's regular Ladies .... off home with her bag of goodies ... they do so love a good old rummage in his boxes ..
...Ooo er Missus ... sounds a bit rude!

Rather a surprise this morning .... found this little chap outside the door.

 He/she was busy eating some scraps of pastry I had put out for the birds ... He was very friendly and yeowly .. 
I gave him a little milk and some dog food and he tucked in ... hungry then!

Pretty cat ... only young ...with four white socks.
It was only last week I was saying 'No'... no more cats seems maybe we don't have a say in it ...maybe they choose us.

Hubby P has just this minute walked back in with 'Socks' .. a neighbour had also been concerned for him/her (haven't checked yet) ...He/she has been living rough in a field for a few days ..
so we will see what happens.

Socks is just busy putting the dogs in their place!

And finally ....a few buttons to delight..   

I found these lovely ceramic buttons today .... I think perhaps someone (very clever) has made them .. they are so large and colourful.. clunky and ...well just so touch-y feel-y.

Wonderful for those special crafty projects. I feel some nice corsages coming on or rustic little purses ..

Of course there are quite a lot and I know I wont use them all ... and I am trying so hard not to hoard stuff .. so I have chosen three for myself. The rest I will ebay and recoup some of the pennies spent on them
I'm trying to be thrifty ... and only spend on essentials .. so if I get some money back on them (if I manage to sell them) ...its not so bad it?
And they do thrill me ... and a Girl has to have a bit of a thrill and again.



  1. That's how I feel about my thrifty buys. I've bought boxes of stuff from the auction for a couple of pounds, taken out the things I wanted, and ebayed the other stuff. It means I get the things I want for free, and make a little profit which I can then spend at the carboot - I do love my early Sunday morning rummages.

  2. Beautiful things - I could rummage away all week and not get a thing done. Hope Socks is in from the cold and wet.
    Love from Mum

  3. You are just like me! I ended up with 8 cats because I could never say no to an animal in need. I also worked for a vet for a year which was hard because I wanted to take all the strays home (and usually did) I have had stray ducks, chickens, cats, rabbits and rats! I love them all and don't regret any of them :-)they are all welcome here.

  4. Animals always know where they are welcome.
    Those buttons are gorgeous.

  5. Thank-you for taking in the cat! I do the same. I would have worried about it if you hadn't! I always wonder about people who say"oh- yes that animal has been around for AGES" yet do nothing to help it....
    I LOVE what you have for sale! Must look you up next UK trip!


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