Thursday, 1 November 2012

Tupennypenny Houses Giveaway Winners....and Thrifty Chicken!

Hello there ... 
hope you are keeping warm .. got a nice fire going here.

Well... I said I would do the draw for the winner of the Tuppennypenny Houses .... and Yes ... most of you guessed why they are called 'Tuppneypenny Houses'....

...Whilst at the car boot sale (where I started making them) I was scratching about for something substantial to make the base... and found .. just by chance that a 2 pence piece fitted the job nicely. And .. of course it weights the base so the house stands well.

So well done all of you for keen observation ... an all that!
Anyway ... who has won ... who will take guardianship of these itsy bitsy fairy houses ...

I got all organised with my slips of paper ... we do things the old fashioned way here .... well... I wouldn't know where on earth to go looking for a 'random number generator' or whatever its called ... the only generator I know about belongs to Hubby P and is very noisy and smelly!
So ... back to the slips of paper and Fly (the dog) stood by as adjudicator ... 

I just caught Hubby P as he was going out the door .. off to pick up some stained glass windows of all things ...ummm could be interesting.
Anyway I asked him to pick out two winners....
And The Winners Are ... Da Da ....  

(all the way over in New Zealand ... how exciting is that .... I'm going 'International' !)


terriersintiaras  at..
(who I feel is an old friend .. )

So please girls email me your address and then the little houses can wing their way to you.

Well that's the exciting bit over with... 
So whats for tea?   

I felt this was a bargain this week ... Tesco's offer ... a large fresh chicken... £2 /kg ... this one cost £3.38 and it will easily do 3or4 meals for the two of us .. I've made 'dinner'  tonight (potatoes and proper veg). 
Something with rice maybe tomorrow.. and lastly I'm thinking of lovely soup from the carcass .. with pearl barley ... and possibly little dumplings ... ummm)
Anyway that's us ... as soon as Hubby P gets back from picking up his windows.

So whats your bargain of the week?
 ... we all need to share these  frugal snippets....helps us all get by.



  1. well done to the winners. You'll see my deal of the week on my blog post on Friday.

    Gill in Canada

  2. Damn, how did I manage to miss your giveaway. Those little houses are so cute.
    That looks a tasty bird! M x

  3. Your houses look so lovely, maybe a little village will develop and then maybe you will do another giveaway!
    I enjoy making homemade soups, and often add any leftovers, bits of veg etc to the pot.

  4. That chicken looks YUMMY! Must go out now and get a chicken to fix for dinner tomorrow.

    Somehow I missed your Giveaway. ;( The wee houses are very sweet! Have a great week!

  5. Yippee-Yeah for he two winners !!
    Those lil' houses are TOO cute...

    You've made me hungry with that roasted hen, so I am off to rummage thru the fridge !!
    We will get pics of the stained glass- won't we ?

  6. Yay! Thank you! I am delighted to wake up to this this morning!

    My first giveaway win!

  7. Oh my goodness, those little houses are just adorable!


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