Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Catching up at home .... Mundane but Necessary Stuff ..

Hello there ...
Hope you are all okay ...
Bit of a mundane sort of day today ... just catching up with household jobs ... do they ever end....!

 Hubby P busy as ever out and about earning a crust ... or at least trying very hard to.
I knew it would be late before he got in tonight ... still not home as I write this .. so I but a Lamb Hotpot in the oven this morning ...
 on very low .... 
be nice and warming and tasty when he does get in.

Hubby P ...... just loves a Hotpot! 

I had a go at this this week.
I checked on line to see how much I had in my clubcard account ... it was quite healthy ... I do shop weekly at Tesco ...its a convienience thing, I have it delivered ....I know its maybe not the cheapest way of shopping ... but due to my circumstances it works for me.
And the points add up.

They are doing this Voucher exchange thing .... I had a go .. I exchanged £5 worth of vouchers ... so that gave be £10 to spend .. and I chose to spend it on Frozen Food.

 I decided to buy lots of frozen veg ... I don't usually use a lot of frozen veg but just recently, with the cost of fresh veg going up and up ... I bought a trayful.
I find a handful of various beans peas and peppers brightens up a meal no end.

Look into this Exchange thing-y if you have vouchers to spend ... I am quite impressed ... its doubling your money.

I have a confession to make ....
This is my one weakness .... I have to have Earl Grey Tea ... well of course I don't 'have' to have it ... but its my treat. 
My 'drug' 'drink' of choice. 

And how nice is this little tin!
I just ordered my teabags as usual ... and luckily they were on offer .... and they came in this sweet little tin.

Wouldn't this make a nice little useful present at just £3?

Well done Twinings. 

Having the house to myself I have managed to do a bit of this sort of thing...   

After all time is marching on and although all our boys are grown up men now ... they still have their expectations of Father Christmas!
 ....and I have to get all the stockings sent off to FC so that he has them safely stashed ready for the big day.

Off to check on the hotpot .... surely Hubby P will be home soon.

Anyone else do the Exchange thing? how did you find it?



  1. I so enjoy your posts - it's like sitting in your kitchen having a chat, feeling the warmth and cosiness.

  2. Hello, live your posts, full of little tips. Just bought a load of Christmas presents using my vouchers, this doubling up is great, and not real money anyway! Tomorrow my first Approved Food order us coming ... Thank you for alerting me to that ! Hope you enjoyed your hotspot.

    Claire xx

  3. I exchanged my tokens for clothes vouchers & made sure my grandchildren have enough school uniform & some warm jammies.

  4. The voucher exchange is great when it comes to school uniform time. With 2 small people to kit out it saved me a fortune!


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