Sunday, 21 October 2012

'Yesteryears' thrift ... Chips and Egg....and a Piano!

Hello there ...
I hope you are enjoying your Sunday ... I'm having a rare Sunday at home today.
Its a lovely sunshiny day here.... blue sky... just a nip in the air. 

I've just lit the fire ... starting to get chilly and I have some washing to dry. I thought the smoke looked pretty against the blue of the sky.

 It maybe sunny but Autumn is well and truly showing her colours .. the garden is littered with leaves and I have to sweep the path daily... I have a nice little habit of slipping on the wet leaves.

Hubby P is off working today (we have the van back Hurrah! ... )
He's helping someone move house ... 
but before he left he chopped me some sticks for the fire old piano no less ..
I tell you people give us all sorts of things ... including rotten old pianos ... tis all good fire wood ... 
Aalthough sad to see the end of such a lovely thing... Hubby P 'Thriftoligist'  that he is... saved the hinges and other bits of the casing to be used again.. and the rest was weighed in at the scrap yard.

 Just a random pic .. not very good ... but I managed to capture one of the Buzzards on the wing ...enjoying the sunshine and blue sky. 
He was right above me.

 I have done some work today .... its my job to sort clothes ...not very exciting but there you have it ... it makes a few pennies.
Good Thrifty Snippet..
 As I mentioned above people give us all sorts ... and although we don't really sell a lot of clothing ....there is so much of it around ... the world just seems to have so much... too much..

Car Boot Sales and the like are full of people trying to sell clothes.

So we don't bother with clothing ...besides Hubby P doesn't know a Primark from a Prada ... 
.... however people give us bags full of the stuff ... usually they have tried selling it ... sold a bit and just want rid of the rest ...

So I sort...
Sometimes I might find an interesting bit of fabric I want to keep ....and last week I found a brand new bath towel ... handy!
But mostly it gets bagged up and we sell it ...

...anyone can do this ... start saving your old clothes, shoes. bags etc.
Usually there is a facility in most largish towns which will buy ...
think ours is called Cash for Clothes ... or similar. They weigh the bags and give so much pence per kg.
The clothes on the washing line are some I was given yesterday ... they had got wet in the rain ... the lady just hadn't the time or inclination to mess around drying them .... so I flung them on the line and when dry will bag them up.
Its a shame they were expensive dresses.... the lady had tried to sell them on Ebay too ...just too much out there.

The world is a crazy place...        

Now whats all this about Chips and Egg?

Well I could say I was brought up on chips and egg ... 
well obviously my whole diet didn't consist entirely of egg and chips!

But it was a bit of a 'mantra' with my mother and Grandmother ... if you are going through hard times ... if money is tight ... buy a sack of spuds and a tray of eggs ... good simple cheap foods.
Of course it doesn't have to be egg and chips ...lots of splendidly filling dishes can be made from these basic ingredients.  

 'But cheap'? ... I hear you say ... not really these days ...I felt I had  to take out a mortgage to buy a sack of spuds ... £10!
 Mind you I did a few sums and worked out they were no more expensive then the cheapest Everyday Value spuds at Tesco's .. but hopefully better quality. The other day I had to cut lots away (of the Tesco's potato's) ... brown and riddled with something.
So hopefully my investment in the sack of spuds will pay off.

Whilst I was at it I looked at the price of eggs.. I can remember buying a whole tray of eggs from the market for £1 ...long gone days I fear.
Nowadays eggs range from 10p to 30p each ... 
Maybe a bit more expensive but so versatile and good for you ...
maybe we need those adverts back ...
do you remember 'Go to Work On an Egg' ?

Trying out the new potatoes tonight ... 
I've put a sausage casserole in the oven... on very low ...I don't know what time Hubby P will get in .. so it will sit quite contentedly in the oven ...nice and warming.

How's your Thrifting going?


  1. Hi, I'm a new follower and thought I would just say Hi and that I love your blog. I also love Anglesey. I went to Anglesey on holiday every year from being about 2 years old until I got married. We used to spend our 6 weeks holiday playing on the beach and living in our caravan and I have many many fond memories of my summers there. You are very lucky to live there.
    Kind Regards Kay

  2. fried eggs and chips is dh's most favourite meal of all time. I love eggs cooked most ways. If we're lucky we can get them on sale for $1.99 a dozen, normal price is around $2.50 CDN a dozen over here.

    Gill in Canada

  3. my hubby would love it if we had egg and chips more often! xxx

  4. Love all your photo's, cool seeing a buzzard!
    Egg n chips is still one of my favourite meals - good honest grub! I know what you mean about there being too much stuff out there, it's a strange conundrum with all this so called poverty about that so much is still thrown away. I haven't bought a new piece of clothing for about 2 years now - I am getting very good at patching and recycling.

  5. Hello again..
    you made me smile with the egg and chips, as that was once on our weekly menu and we always enjoyed it!
    Its true about the being to much of every thing these days, including clothes...
    I like to patch and customised my clothes and so does my daughter, we thrift this way..
    Wishing you a week full of loveliness, love Maria x


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