Monday, 15 October 2012

Pie and Pudding .....

Hello there ...

Well what a day .... most of it spent outside with Hubby P on his back under the van. 

 Not a good place for his back or his stress levels .... upshot of it is the van needs a new gearbox ... bad news is the cost of a new gearbox .... I won't bore you with the long complicated saga ... although I have had to be stoic and attentive all day ... so maybe....

Anyway to help ... I thought pie would be a good answer .... and perhaps a jam sponge and custard ... I can't mend a gearbox but I can bake a cake. 

Hubby P loitering  between phone calls to the 'gearbox men'...
came to see what I was doing ... spotted the cake mix and was as  delighted as a small child .... he dipped in a finger to taste and said 'thats made it all better'....bless!

 I thought it was about time I tried to 'move with the times' and try out some of gadgets I hear you all talking about. I came across this whizzer/mixer/chopper thingy in one of Hubby P's boxes ... I think it is quite old....its very heavy....a sturdy sort of motor on it.
Anyway it works just fine...I think.

Saturday evening I cooked up some lamb/mutton with a carrot and some onion ... thinking we could warm it up on Sunday .. Sunday is a trading day and very busy ... anyway we opted for a sandwich ... I was just too tired to cook.
So the lamb needed eating today ... 'throw it in a pie'  I thought.

To bulk it out I had a tin of these ....a wonderful bargain at only 18p a tin (I've ordered more this week)... I chopped them up small added a few peas and mixed them with lamb casserole-y thing.

I made double the amount of pastry in my whizzer thing ... I will put the other half in the freezer for another day .... flung a pastry top on the lamb and put it in the oven.

 We ate it with some red cabbage I bought from Approved Foods ..... again cheap as chips and a nice change.

The sponge was a yummy success too .... doesn't look too flash sat here in its old loaf tin ... but it tasted just great with lashings of custard.
So much so ... we got carried away and ate it all up before I remembered to take a bloggie photo.

The sponge was particularly nice and light ... its the first time I have made a sponge in the whizzer thing ... I'm most impressed.

So ... whats your dish of the day .... what makes your day 'all better' ..? 


  1. that's a perfect day - i hope he got it fixed xx

  2. I wouldn't be without my Magimix - they are brilliant.

  3. I used to have one of those and it was excellent. Wonder what happened to it. Satisfying when your cooking can make things better!

  4. Looks yummy! I keep saying I am getting one of those whizzy things but have not yet! Hope the van gets repaired quickly, and not TOO expensively..we have an old pick up truck we use to haul animal feed and lumber..I hope it keeps going a long time more as I cannot be without it and cannot afford to replace it...

  5. I have a Magimix too. I used to have one just like yours but I couldn't get a replacement bowl for it when it broke. Otherwise it worked very well and was much neater and smaller than my present one.

    You will get very good use out of it as the motors last for years and years.

  6. "what makes your day 'all better' ..?

    Cider...lots of it....

  7. Hello, just found you via Sophie @ Fading Grace and so glad I did! I live on an island too, and love old things and charity shops and car boot sales, jumble sales, junk shops ...

    Love your blog and looking forward to geting to know you better

    Claire xx

  8. Really love your gentle Blog! Wish I lived on an island and had time to bake and cook with gusto!

    Mrsmarsa x


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