Wednesday, 4 January 2012

New Boots and a Thrifty Snippets Bonus......

Here we are ..... back to the everyday .... and what a challenge!

A new blank canvas.... a whole fresh New Year .... what will we make of it..... I hope all pulling together we can get through it as comfortably as possible.

Its going to be tough for an awful lot of people so come on folks share all your money saving ideas .... your money making tips ... your Thrifty Snippets..!


New boots all round at the Anglesey Allsorts household ...
both Hubby P and I needed sturdy new boots..... his are rather smart and arrived yesterday.

A rather significant investment for Hubby P (he hardly ever buys anything new ..... he needed a strong cup of tea when ordering the boots!)... so it was a nice surprise to find they were all they had professed to be .... good strong, all leather boots etc.... and a good fit.

And .... wonderfully packed!

I do get excited with packaging .... everyone is urged to 'be careful' when unpacking .... 'mind the tissue' ..... I love tissue especially if its pretty colours.

A Girl can do wonders when wrapping a gift if she has some pretty tissue and a ribbon.

I managed several sheets of nice soft heavy tissue-y paper and a good sturdy box with lid from the boot purchase.

I was ironing Richards work shirts .... he usually does his own laundry (strict training from age 14) but today it was my way of helping .... he and Hubby P were doing outside jobs so ironing seemed a warmer ... altogether cosier job.
Anyway .... I'm rambling on
.... having the iron still warm I ironed all the tissue from the boot packaging ..... only took a few minutes and its looks good enough to use as wrapping paper.

I have a special little ironing/airing rack ... its above a dehmidifyer in a particular damp corner of the cottage. The dehumidifyer keeps the area fresh and dry and helps air any clothes on the rack.

Can you see my little child's nightdress/under slip .... so cute.

Thought you might like a little look .... they were made of such lovely soft cuddly fabrics.

Its just had a freshening wash and iron..... I have it hanging on the upper rails of my bed with other sweet little baby gowns and whatnot. They are all in need of a wash so I am working through them.

And just to finish .... this is what I've been doing of an evening..... cotton dish cloths.

I was given a whole bagful of cotton yarn so I have crocheted it up into cloths ... I have quite a stack.... so along with the Money Saving I am trying the Money Making haha ..... and I put some on Ebay .... I really don't know if they will sell but hay ho ... ya never know!

So what Thrifty Snippets do you have to share .......

Take care xx


  1. I have no thrifty snippets to share I am so in love with those gorgeous boots - are they really for a man? What a waste!

  2. Hello,

    Blwyddyn Newydd Dda?Happy New Year!!!

    I agree it's gonna be a tough old year and we all need to share our ideas!!!

    I have been watching ewxtreme couponing over the Christmas period(sad I know) but it is based in the US and there are people who spend their whole week searching for and cutting up their coupons from the weekend papers and they managed to get $1000 plus worht of shopping for $10 or under!!! I know that we could never do that over here as the coupons etc arent that good but I am seriously looking at reducing my shopping bill by ensuring if I need it and there is a coupon available I will use them!! Also, I am extremely determined to grow and forage as much as possible this year!!

    I have a few more ideas up my sleeve which I will keep you posted about!!

    As Tigger says TTFN - ta ta for now!!

    Love Natalie xx

  3. join the library and you dont have to buy any more books!
    I hope to actually read all the books on my shelves before I need to get any books anyway!
    Happy New Year

  4. Boots are my weakness, and the type of shoes that look like those boots, I have some with fringes on. I feel sooooo COUNTY in them! Husband calls me his little centipede, I shall have to sell some on Ebay.

  5. Lovely to be reading your posts again..what cool boots just His Style!And lovely little cloths!


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