Friday, 23 December 2011

Thrifty Snippets... Fleece-y Bits and the Odd Parsnip...!

Hello there ....... You all Christmasssed up then!

I've ... or rather we .... Hubby P even helped ... have cleaned up within an inch of my life .... Father Christmas better be Bl***y Well impressed!

Thank goodness its only once a year!

Anyway as a change from all that glitz and glitter and hoo hhaaarrr -y stuff .... here's some bog standard every day stuff, the kind of stuff we will all be back to in a few days.

Bit of Thrifty Snippet-y stuff.....

Look at these cute little sheep ... I was given these bits of fleece fabric the other day. My friend couldn't bear to throw them out but they were only smallish pieces, bit small to do much with really.

I had thought a couple of weeks ago that I ought to get a couple more hot waterbottles, one had sprung a leak ... not good .... waking up to a damp patch!
And I had found a couple of new bottles at the carboot sale ... I swear you can find anything at a boot sale.
Anyway they needed covers .....

So what nicer than fleecy sheep!

I really couldn't be bothered trying to find the sewing machine under the heap of fabric and 'projects waiting to be undertaken' ....

I simply laid a hot waterbottle on top of the fleece and cut around it, the pieces (4 pieces, two for each cover) were just big enough.

I hand sewed the thing together as I watched Miss Marple.... a repeat but I enjoyed it ... and the cover turned out just fine.

Twill do the job. I'm just on with the other cover.


Who loves parsnips?
.... well we do and I had bought a little bag for Christmas dinner ....

and then this turned up ..... given to us by a kind neighbour (I think someone had given it to him and basically he was just overwhelmed by the Parsnip-ness of it all .... ! )

A huge .... super sized carrier bag of super sized ..... super dirty parsnips .... enough to feed an army ..... should they like parsnips of course.

Well..... me being a trooper of the 'Waste Not Want Not' brigade .... I set to ......
up to my elbows in muddy water grappling with roots .....
how else should a girl spend her afternoon ( don't tell ... but I do hear some girls spend 'hours' in nice places being pampered with facials and manicures ... tis just a wicked lie ... surely .... just to dis-quieten us...).

I got through half the bag .... some roasting for tea, some bagged in the freezer for roasting and soup, a big pan of Curried Parsnip soup and some in the fridge for the next couple of days. I thought I would try making some parsnip crisps .... if I don't tire of slicing them so thinly...

Any ideas on Parsnips? I thought of wine but we don't drink it.

Ideas would be welcome?

....... this week we will be mostly eating Parsnips ..... can a body overdose on Parsnips.

This looks very festive doesn't it ..... but have you tried cooking by candle light?

The lightfitting in the kitchen has gone kaputt .... Could Hubby P find the right sort yesterday.... could he heck
.... luckily he found one today, I had visions of Christmas dinner being juggled under the candle flame ..... are the potatoes roasted enough? whats that floating in the gravy?.... that sort of thing .... you get the picture.

Guess what Hubby P is doing tomorrow.

A little random pic of my 'portable' mini sewing box .... thought you would like the diddy case!

Somehow Blogger has mixed the photos up when loading ... does anyone else have this problem?

Enough of me anyway .....
enjoy your festivities and think of us when munching on your parsnips!

Take care xx


  1. Love your waterbottle covers - what a fab idea. Merry christmas hun :o) Scarlett xx

  2. Merry Christmas lovely people. We're going to dig some parsnips up from our lottie tomorrow!!
    We're all set here and like you feel like we've been cleaning forever!!
    Have a lovely time.
    The Twiggys xxxxx

  3. Parsnip soup and freeze some?
    merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

  4. We have not had parsnips for at least twenty.years. why I don't know. We love them and I remember they add a nice taste to soup. My mom made them all the time when we were young. I also love turnips but haven't bought one for about five years. Now that you have written about parsnips I will buy some next grocery time

  5. I am currently sitting on a blanket(for the cats!) of the very same fleece that I actually bought while in the I have sheep I had to have it. The hot water bottle cover turned out great!
    Have a very Merry Christmas and enjoy the day. I am still cleaning for company(11:30 pm...).
    Welcome back; I do so enjoy your blog! It is like hearing from an old friend!

  6. Parsnip soup is lovely. I mashed some parnip in with the potao on the top of the cottage pir last week end. It gave it a very nice flavour.

    Love the water bottle cover

  7. Merry Christmas to you and yours. We will be eating our home grown parsnips tomorrow. I have enough trouble peeling 2 parsnips. You must have muscles of steel.
    Love from Mum

  8. Great hot waterbottle covers now I know what to do with an old bit od fleece I have xx


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