Monday, 27 June 2011

A Pretty Guest in A Sunshiny Garden!

Hope you've all been enjoying the fine weather, its not been too hot here.... and it seems to suit the garden.... a good mix of sunshine and rain.

A pretty Guest the other day...

I was stood idly gazing out of the kitchen window as I washed the dishes ..... household chores are so boring... don't you think?
Anyway... I noticed a pretty fluttery creature on the lavender.... not one of the usual kind of butterfly.... a more exotic looking, splendidly coloured, lacy winged little lady.

I had a peek in the 'Butterfly Book' ... we have books for most occasions ... being that bit... ermm 'older' we still turn to the books rather than Google as perhaps younger people do.
Anyhow ... I think our guest may have been a Comma Butterfly, very pretty.

Any ideas on this? I may be wrong ... any experts out there?

'The Book' lists food plants as Stinging Nettles, Gooseberries, and currants all of which are in this area of the garden, although of course she was sunbathing on the lavender!
Well... what Girl wouldn't... smells lovely....but of aromatherapy does a world of good!

The sunshine is always welcome.... it makes the leaves zing with green.

And just look at the pretty baby Apples.... the tree is laden with them.... its going to be a bumper harvest.
That's Apple pies all round then!

And who's for Redcurrant jelly? They are almost too pretty to pick... little luscious red jewels... isn't nature a wonderful thing!

As you know I am fond of my garden and although I haven't been able to spend much time in it recently, I did scatter a few Poppy seeds.

Just love Poppy's.....

Their paper like petals and pretty colours are so gentle on the eye...

And just look at this teeny tiny baby one...

Lets hope the sunshine stays with us for a while .... not overly hot but a good English summer will do.... what say you?

Enjoy your garden..... bye for now xx


  1. what a wonderful garden! I love the poppys, the baby apples and the currants which I never see here.

  2. Hey steady,I don't quite consider myself ready for the scrap heap just yet but I absolutely love books. No Google or Wiki can compare to flicking through and searching from actual pages of a book.
    I love the poppies, their petals look paper thin. The only time I have had poppies here is when they have self seeded.

  3. I love poppies too, in fact I don't think there's a flower I don't like!

    May sound like a daft question but, do you have any Cambrian (Welsh) poppies in your garden?
    If not and you would like some, I have loads of seeds from my garden if you would like some? They are gorgeous sunshiny yellow and some orange. Let me know and I'll post some off to you.

    Sandie xx

  4. Yes, definitely a Comma - I had one in the house today...

  5. Lovely sunny pictures and a pretty butterfly.Be sure to pick those currants before the birds..our blackcurrant bush was stripped bare on the morning of the day we were going to pick them..How do they know when they are juiciest!Enjoy your lovely garden! x Cath

  6. Your garden looks lovely - I think the butterfly might be a Comma. I also love your hexagon patchwork below - have just been given a partially completed one, and I do so love the effect.

    Pomona x

  7. Your garden is looking happy and contented. Love the photo of the butterfly.

  8. Beautiful sunny post. I love the contrast in colours with the lavender and butterfly and I too love poppies!

  9. Haven't the faintest about the butterfly but it's very pretty !!
    Twiggy x


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