Monday, 21 February 2011

All Things Red ... Thrifty Snippet's and Frugal Finds!!

Just a bit of a 'doing' and finding' post .... lots of photo's ...
All things Red this week..
Its got to be my find of the Winter .... don't you just love my new pink eiderdown/quilt/bedspread .... and the lovely ruby red honeycomb blankets, edged so prettily in satin ribbon ...and all for so very little, a real bargain.
But even cheaper than the bedspread .... for free ...

This was a fleece jacket that was given to me, it was the sort with a logo on the front ... you know the sort, a garden centre or some such place. I nice red colour I thought, and good fabric .... so I decided to make it into a hotwater bottle cover ... I need some new covers after the heavy use they get during the cold months.
So I found my homemade pattern .... and cutout the pieces (very simple construction).

The bit of the fleece that was left went into the dogs bed (we have an 'old Girl' who's personal hygiene isn't just what it was ... so I change her bedding often, and just bin it ... I use up all the odd scraps and old clothes as bedding ... works just as well as a fancy dog blanket!).

Bit of a whizz on the old sewing machine...

and here we are ... a perfectly good hotwater bottle cover.
A bit plain so ...

I picked up this rather splendid 'elephant-ish' fabric at the carboot .... turns out it is Ikea fabric... anyway I thought an elephant might cheer up the cover.

So here we are ... pretty little elephant and a bit of chunky running stitch .... just livens it up a bit!
Cheep and Cheerful.

And hows this for a new rug .... original 1950's in excellent condition, stored rolled up in someones attic .... all for £2.
Ideal for cheering up my somewhat worn and tattered carpet ... at least covering the dodgy bits!
At least the dogs approve.
Take care for now x


  1. Excellent thrifty Mrs!!!! Well Done-BTW love the hot water bottle cover! xx

  2. Wonderful finds. Love the eiderdown. It looks in perfect nick. The hot water bottle cosy is very sweet. Genius, in fact!

  3. It's always good to re-use things, especially if you can make them into something pretty. Love the rug, what a find!

  4. Great bargains, love the hot water bottle cover...very clever :)

  5. Well- nice to know that your doggy and I have similar tastes !! I approve as well !! That cozy spread for the bed ? Lovely. And the blanket- red always cheers me up !! Love that satin binding as well. Always appreciated that satiny feel against my cheek !

  6. Fab finds, loving your eiderdown. Great idea to make hot water bottle covers!

    Shirl x

  7. Hi, just discovered your blog - i love reading about fellow shabby chic'rs who love a bit of boot sale and charity shop action! Im v jealous of that 50's rug - its amazing! Look forward to reading your blog, Scarlett x


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