Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Bright Blessings....Welcome to the New Sun!

Bright Blessings....... the year is turning....what will this new sun bring?
Just look at the lovely pink glow of the sky... this was taken about 3.30pm... just as the sun was setting on the shortest day.
This is the view from my doorstep.... the 'tower' is an old windmill, now home to bats and owls...and the odd pig!

What have you been doing today?
Its been too cold to venture very far....so baking seemed a good warming occupation.

Pies for tea.

And Gingerbread biscuits.... I haven't got any 'shape' cutters, Gingerbread men and the like... I fancied a Christmas tree shape.... must lookout for some. One will turn up at the car boot sale ... everything you could possibly need turns up eventually.

A little more Yummy Treacle toffee.... for gifts.

This afternoon a surprise bunch of the most glorious Holly from a friend... I've never seen so many berries!
I wired it up into swags and pinned up above the beam with my lemons.

I gathered some together in this pot.....this seems to be a less 'spike-y' sort of Holly... so many berries.
Do you like my new chenille style tablecloth? Its just one of a pair of old curtains....but it looks the part....very festive.

So glad I got my stack of logs in....and they say we are in for more snow!
xx Take care xx bye for now xx


  1. That is most definitely the most berries I have ever seen on any holly, how wonderfully festive. Blessings to you, I hope the new sun is kind to you this year.x

  2. wow so many berries they look lovely in your home what a lovely way to spend the solstice .
    Its comforting to know that the darkness will now be slowly going and the mornings are now going to get lighter
    xx fee

  3. Those pie's look delicious! (notice how the pies grab my attention first???) The table cloth looks terribly decadent. Good luck with the cutters - I am sure after blogging about them, you will find some almost imediately - these things happen like that.

    The solstice was very welcome - WASAIL!!!! and Merry Christmas


  4. Wishing you and yours a lovely Christmas time. Your photos are inspiring and so cheery, as usual.

    Trish :)

  5. Beautiful post! Merry Christmas!

  6. I've really enjoyed your homely blog - thank you

  7. Hiya,
    Just found your blog. So thrilled to see a bit of Wales again (I used to live in the W.Midlands and visit Wales on hols)
    Would you mind giving your reciep for treacle toffee?
    Looks yum!
    Suzi (Sydney Australia)

  8. Bright Blessings to you too I hope you had a lovely Yule..
    Hugs Lynn xxx


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