Monday, 6 September 2010

A Little Bird House For My Soul!

Hello there!
Sorry its been a while - what can I say? sometimes Life just takes over!
August always is the silly summer month for us - we have lots of family visiting, lots going on. Hopefully things have quietened down now and I can get back to my sewing machine - I do miss having my crafty 'fix'. At the moment its buried under a pile of fabric that's just waiting to me transformed into something nice and pretty.
We have been out and about a bit - Treasure Hunting!
Just look what I found at the Household Auctions !!! I was so thrilled to win the bidding - just £18 and mine to take home!
Hubby P did have a bit of a 'Wobbler' - whispering in a frenetic fashion (whilst the bidding was going on!) - something about where on earth/put the **** thing/no room - that sort of thing - but hey! it just had to be brought home to our little hovel. Fits in well with our - erm - 'eclectic' furnishings.
Just take a peek at the lovely woodwork and knobbly feet!
Its a 1920's 3 piece suite, all dandy woodwork and leatherette. Of course the cushions had seen better days, a lot better days - they had to be replaced. I managed to find some big, big cushions at the carboot sale and cut them down to fit, not perfectly, but hey - they will do well enough for me - cheap and cheerful. The original cushions were a lovely chocolate brown, real heavy cotton velvet - it must have looked stunning, I can just imagine the odd skinny Flapper Girl sat - cigarette holder in one hand, G & T in the other!

There was no way I could afford such opulence, no posh heavy velvet for me - so I looked at what I had. I really liked the grey vintage curtains I found the other week, and after having a sort of measure up I decided they would just about fit, and make four cushion covers.

I'm quite happy with them, they will do for us.
Although the suite does need some work still, it needs some new strapping underneath, and one side of the settee needs the leatherette replacing, but no doubt I will find what I need - everything turns up at the carboot eventually!

You see my little lamp matches the cherry blossom on the cushions, and on with the 'pinky' theme, I found a table and dinky inky stool and painted them ( Farrow and Ball paint found - you guessed it - at the carboot!) - the colour is called Dead Salmon, how cool is that! Just love this pinky colour!
Colour and design just fits in well with the new suite - don't ask where we have put all the old furniture! Shall we just say it was 'fun' fitting it all in this tiny house!

This weeks fun project - a pretty little bird house - Shabby Vintage Birdy Lodgings!

I should have taken 'before pic's' but - well - I forgot, and our posh new camera has died on us (not that there is ANY PRESSURE on Rob to get it fixed!!!) but needless to say once you are use to using something rather good - to go back to the old steam driven - almost - camera, its a bit rubbish!
So here we have the finished Birdy house/cage.

As you will have guessed I found it - or rather Hubby P did, at the carboot, just a sad scruffy unloved little house.

So I prettied it up with a bit of Dead Salmon paint (just love that word - who thinks up names for paint - what a good job!) and a bit of flower-y/rose-y paper - a touch of shabbying and - there you have it!

Pretty little thing - what for - well that's up to you, maybe to display your treasures, or maybe a nice trailing Ivy plant. I am sure it will lend itself to something pretty.
Its looking for a home (we cant possibly fit another teaspoon into our rooms, we have one or two chairs too many as it is!) - so little Birdy Lodge may end up in the Emporium.
Must go to bed now - you know when you are so tired your legs are all jittery!! :(
xxx Take care xxx Bye for now xxx


  1. Crikey old girl, you've been busy! Love the sofa and how you've displayed the cushions on it. The bird house is a work of art!

  2. Blimey, £18 for the furniture, what a bargain! Love your birdhouse.

    Shirl xxx

  3. Love the new furniture. It reminds me of my granny's house!!
    Twiggy x

  4. You are one busy woman! Have a great weekend.


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