Sunday, 11 July 2010

Weekend Treasure and Thrifty Snippets!

Hope you all had a nice weekend.
We had a nice time - we had a car boot stall both Saturday and Sunday - exhausting! Mind you I think its more of a social occasion than anything - we saw so many friends and spent a lot of the time chatting to interesting people.
Saturday afternoon we called in a little village - Menai Bridge - and stopped by a rather lovely Antique shop - lots of lovely, lovely things!
Hubby P treated me to a very old and very lovely garden trowel - it is just such a lovely thing - and Yes - I do intend to use it.

I have even put an old oily rag in my tool bucket so that I will give the trowel a wipe over once I have finished using it.
Lots of nice finds this weekend - I did get to have a mooch about, seeking out interesting things to show you.
How about this for a pretty Vintage dress?

I think its from the 1960's and in wonderful condition, the fabric has that 'new' feel to it - as if its not been worn or washed - you know, still kind of starchy.

It is just so pretty - real Boho Chic!
This fabric intrigues me - I feel its a bit, well may be designed by one of the well known designers of the day - Heal's or someone.

Such a striking print - anyone know anything about it? any ideas?
A quick Thrifty Snippet!
Lots of courgettes here - I have only two plants but they are going great guns - there are only so many we can eat in one week!

So I am doing as I did with the peppers - chopping them freezing them on a tray (flat) and then bagging them up. I should then be able to just get a handful out when needed, be nice to have courgettes in the colder months once the fresh courgettes have finished. I try not to buy out of season fresh veg - its always a bit expensive (and so it should be - the amount of precious resources that are used to produce it).

Spotted this little child's ironing board at the carboot sale.
So dinky and sweet!

It was Julie's ironing board.

Well it has Julie written on it - so forever it shall now be known as Julies ironing board!
I shall find some nice fabric to recover the board, give it a new lease of life.

Another quick Snippet!
I find lots of lengths of good useful fabric in the guise of unwanted
curtains etc.
I found this pretty cotton - it was a made into a blind, a bit grubby and unwanted - I bought it for a few pennies.

All you need is a zip stitch-y tool or a pair of scissors and a few spare minutes - I just keep it by my chair, and when I sit down for a cup of tea I do a bit of unpicking. I took off all the curtain header tape and unpicked the seams - gave it a good wash and iron, and ended up with some good big useful bits of fabric.
Fabric is so expensive to buy, for my bits and bobs of crafting these reclaimed lengths are just fine - and I find some nice unusual and/or vintage prints.
I think I may use some of this pretty cotton to recover Julie's ironing board - the blue in the fabric matches the blue paintwork on the ironing board.
Must be bedtime now - been a busy weekend!
xxx Take care xxx


  1. Oh I love Julie's ironing board! I want one too! Not that I ever do any ironing though ha ha, this is just for play-time. Perfect! X

  2. well, i don't know how my ironing board made it all the way across the sea to you, but i'm glad it did.

  3. Another lot of bargains and thrifty ways,
    thanks for sharing

  4. I lurve that dress. It's stunning. Well done you!

  5. When I was in Norway my cousin used to stir redcurrants with sugar and then freeze them. When they were defrosted they were like a (rather runny) but delicious jam, which she put on breakfast cereal!

  6. Hi, I expect you already know but the curtain fabric is Laura Ashley. I unpicked a similar pair recently! x

  7. I shred or grind up my zucchini and freeze it, then make chocolate chip zucchini bread with it in the winter. :)

  8. I'm always using curtain fabric, it is great - as you say so cheap for such a wonderful length of fabric. Its the first thing I look for when going in CS and the like.

  9. I love that dress, because I'm so tall vintage clothes never fit :( but my sister however is a tiny size 8 with small feet so everything looks good - sometime life isn't fare...

  10. The LA curtains are a great find - the fabric would have cost a fortune to buy new.

    Love to see how you upcycle.


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