Friday, 2 July 2010

Harvesting My Lavender!

Just a quickie post - just to share these nice pic's of the lovely 'blue' that is my lavender!
So what have you been doing today?
I thought it a good day - at least it was dry, to harvest some of my Lavender to make little dried bunches of the summery flower.

I don't have a great many lavender plants - I would like to have great swathes edging garden paths, like you see in posh gardening magazines! - but unfortunately I have only a modest sized garden. But I must say, having lived with a small backyard - I am so very grateful for what I do have, and fill it to bursting with all the flowery delights I can find - on the cheap-ie of course!

My couple of little bushes have done me proud and flowered their little socks off - so before they 'go over' I thought I would save their delights, and their wonderful summery scent, by drying a few bunches.
I can scatter them amongst my linen, or in my drawers - a waft of summery lavender is always welcome in the depths of winter!

I simply snip the flowers with a longish stem and tied them in smallish bundles with cotton.

I have hung them on a little clothes hanger and knitting needle contraption I cobbled together, and hung them in the conservatory where they will dry nicely - smell wonderful too.

xxx That's all for now xxx Take care xxx


  1. So many wonderful things you've been up to. The greenhouse look fabulous? I see you put your hubby to work cutting Elderflower too!

  2. This is something I need to do. I have 3 really large lavender plants in my front garden & I noticed yesterday they've gone a bit flat. Is it the right time of year? It seems a shame to cut them when they look so pretty!! I use it for my lavender bags to sell.....still have some from last year :)

  3. Your lavender looks really healthy, mine looks 'woody' and a little pathetic - is regular cutting the answer?

    This is like gardener's question time...

  4. I plan to do just that when my lavender flowers, which it isn't anywhere close to doing just yet. Lovely piccies!

    Shirl x

  5. lavender... top of my shopping list for my new front garden. How can anyone live without it?

    Yours looks in great condition - I'm sure regular chopping and cutting is the answer. At least the lavender I used to have at my old house responded well to trimmming.

  6. You do have lots of flowers on your plant. I love the smell of lavender, my favourate smell.

  7. I did the same with my lavender last year. I must pick some tomorrow, have left it bit late now as I've just watered the garden - thank you for reminding me!

  8. Lovely stuff. I love, love, love much so I built a business around it.

    Nice to see you drying it for winter. The scent brings back memories of warm summer days in an instant.

    Sue xx


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