Thursday, 24 June 2010

Vintage Shabby - Make Do and Mend !!

Hope you're all having a good week.
I must just say I'm so sorry I haven't got back to all you lovely people who have kindly left comments - I know its so shoddy of me.
Its actual time or access to the laptop that's the problem - now we have Will home from Uni, so lots of people wanting access to the web. Its amazing really that all of life can be arranged, paid for, and friendships formed and nurtured all through the marvel that is the web - something that we can't see or touch!
But Sorry all the same - I do appreciate all and every comment you leave, its so nice to think anyone would want to take the time to read about my ordinary everyday life - so very slow and quiet, sometimes you must think its like watchin paint dry!
Well here's what I've been up to this week.....
Treasure from the car boot sale!
A lovely old chair in want of a makeover....

The seat had gone so trusty old Hubby P cut me a new one from some old hardboard from his 'Stash' and he painted the chair for me, in a nice pale shade of creamy white - Farrow and Ball paint no less. The paint was another 'find' at the car boot - its so useful to gather these things together as and when you spot them, and then use them to recycle something old and interesting - extend its life - give it a new life, and enjoy its Vintage qualities.

I rummaged in my fabric 'Stash' and found some pretty Vintage barkcloth - just the job.
I padded the seat slightly and covered it in the fabric - glued and tacked the pretty seat back on and - well - 'Bobs your Uncle' as they say!

One pretty chair - and I got completely carried away and made a little matching laundry box/toy box - anything sort of/handy box really.
How Does Your Garden Grow?
Mine is growing madly - I think really it needs some attention, its a bit wild looking, but I must say I quite like it. I'm not one for very formal things - you may have gathered!
A bit - well - slap-dash, wild and woolly at the best of times...... and thats just me ...
Its easy to surprise me - I forget half of what I have planted, like this lovely - huge plant that's sprung up - I had noticed it growing - bigger and bigger - now its flowering, and its so pretty. But I have no idea where it came from - I guess I must have planted it, and I've even less idea what it is - again useless with plant names unless they are common herbs.
Is it a Verbena? I'm just guessing - maybe someone will recognise it - I'm thinking Verbena because of the leaves - no idea!
Its rather magnificent - so enjoying it!

And the Roses - so pretty!

It seems to be a good year for the Roses - mind you we haven't had much rain to spoil them..... yet!

Love this pretty little delicate one...

And this riotous red rose is going mad - flowering its little socks off by the gate. My youngest son bought me this one when he was younger - just a little cheapie one - bought with his pocket money - and its just grown and grown - bit like my little boy!

I just liked the pretty rusty red colour of the new fresh little leaves on this Oak tree, its a 'baby' I grew from an acorn. At the moment it lives in an old galvanised bucket.

How'd you like my new shabby old door?
I just love it - its an old greenhouse or shed door - wonderfully old, battered, weathered and shabby - bit like me!

I dont know exactly what I will do with it yet - I just like looking at it - it pleases me, the faded colours and weathered texture, it begs to be found a corner, to live out its life with my other Vintage finds....
Enough of the old door! am I alone in this love of all that's old and faded, is that why - dare I say - I am with Hubby P and he with me??
Think its time I left you good people and went to bed - Geoffrey says 'Good Evening' - William got some good pic's then the camera batteries died on him - will post them next time.
xx Take care xx


  1. ........I want the door, thats perfect for what I want. I'm looking for an old door. we rebuilt the old shade house when we moved here and moved the door so the end outside wall of the shed (built from silky oak boards salvaged from an old school) has a stone step in front of it, I thought of putting an old door up attached to the shed wall, couple of pots either side of the step, maybe an old window as well. Put a trellis up either side of the door and have a climbing plant .....make it look like an illusion of the shed being an actual house.
    Don't know what that plant is .....probably a weed to grow so well, but a nice looking one anyway.
    Look in a wildflower book you might find it there.

  2. Wonderful garden! You have a real way with growing things.
    and yes, love that door!

  3. Hello, not been about much so just catching up with everyone.
    The chair looks great :)
    My roses are doing really well but they have black spot which I can't get rid off :( I too like wild gardens, my dad offered to weed my front garden the other day & I had to point out I had just done doesn't understand that some weeds can be pretty! Why fight nature :)

  4. I really love what you've done to your new chair and think Janjan's idea for the door are really clever. The garden is looking beautiful, enjoy it over the weekend!


  5. Poor Hubby! lol - I think your finds are fantastic - I wish I had the space and know how to find my!

    Love the Chair!


  6. The garden is beautiful at the moment, I think the weather is really suiting it. Mine is growing so well in a wild kind of way.

    I've got an old chair...I must get round to painting it up sometime.

  7. I love what you have doen with the chair. The barkcloth you chose suits it really well and lucky you finding farrow and ball! All I've ever seen is a half tin of laura ashley purple which I left well alone.
    Your garden is looking good and I heartily approve of the door. haven't a clue what I'd do with it though.

  8. I think you should stick the door in a frame on one of your garden paths so you have to walk through it - how surreal would that be!!
    twiggy x

  9. That double pink rose looks a bit like Gertrude Jekyll to me AA.

    Loved that little chair that you have given a new life to.

  10. OOo I do like that door.I love the current faded color too. what will you do? what will it become? I can't wait to see...


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