Monday, 14 June 2010

An Overly Excited Hubby P With His New Appliance!

Yes! indeeedy! - another Vintage appliance to excite Hubby P - just like his Mother had in the 60/70's - and he, as a boy got to take it to bits to service it.
So imagine his delight when we found one (and on a friends stall too) at the car boot - I swear you can find all of life's riches on a muddy field, the early hours of a weekend morning!
Isn't she sweet? a bonny little Hoover Junior - so 'very' the Allsorts Household!
Of course the absolute wonder of it for Hubby P is the fact that the machines were so well made, it can all be taken to bits - which of course it has been, all bits can still be sourced - on Ebay, which of course has been checked, and it can be mended and maintained - which it will be.

So after lots of this grovelling about on the floor - taking it to bits and much discussion on the merits of Hoover - he had a test drive - he wouldn't let me take a photo of him in action with the hoover - said something about his 'street cred' being ruined! - do they still use that phrase - 'street cred'?
Works like a dream - so everyone's happy, me because I have a hoover that works (my other new posh one is/was on the 'blink' ) and Hubby P because he can fix it, if it too goes 'on the blink'!
Other bits and pieces found at the weekend -
Pretty vintage towel - I've decided I want all my towels to be the bright colourful ones they use to be. They were always made of good quality strong cotton and were designed to last a lifetime, and often they did.
towels today may be bigger, fluffier and coloured to match the bathroom suits, but in my book are just a bit - boring!

I found this rather pretty pink one, I've not seen many pink vintage towels before - so I snapped it up - cheap and cheerful!
Gave it a good hot wash - its come up great.

As I was hanging it on the washing line to dry I saw this name on it - how intriguing! -
Thought I!
Who was E Walker? why did she have to have her name on her towel - was it done during the war - was she billeted somewhere (bring your own towel and all of that). Or was she at boarding school and labelled all her possessions? A story we shall never know - and all arising from a scrap of fabric!
Thinking of Vintage fabric - I found a couple of pretty pieces of barkcloth style cotton, old curtains and the like. I am in the process of unpicking the seams/hems and whatnot, I think I might make them up into cushions. I have some vintage ticking fabric that will look well as one side of the cushion and this pretty floral on the other.

The idea is maybe to try and sell them - where and how I'm not quite sure. Anyone had any luck with etsy etc these days? I find it is very difficult to get a decent price anywhere, for handcrafted goods.
Hubby P and I are having a good old sort out with the finances - trying to simplify our lives, and get the outgoings down! Easier said than done! Another reason to try and up the sales of bits and bobs, pay off some bills.

So this was me this afternoon - wading through all this paperwork - I just hate sorting and filing away - but it has to be done. It amazes - and annoys me the amount of paperwork companies send you just to say how much you owe them, 'Oh and by the way' would you like to buy such and such, or have some more credit - pay on the 'never never' - get yourself in a heap of trouble!
Well 'No Thankyou' !
As my Gran use to say - 'Never a Borrower nor A Lender Be' .....
That's me off my soapbox for now - take care xxxx
N.B. Exciting Geoffrey update comming soon - tried to get pic's this evening, but the camera batteries died on me.


  1. I can understand the love of old machinery. Paul has a drill that is from the 1950's, and a kettle and coffee pot dfrom almost the same time.

  2. I just stumbled on to your blog and I just LOVE it! Thank you for a peek into your beautiful life! So completely different than mine, and so wonderful. I hope to be back often.

  3. I remember hoovers like that! Have you thought about paperless billing, less to file x

  4. I, too, have just come across your blog and have really enjoyed reading it and seeing all your lovely finds. I am now your newest follower!

  5. why are there so many bills which all seem to come at once?!!!!!!!!

  6. We had a hoover exactly like that!

  7. I remember the excitement in my house, when my mother bought an old vacuum cleaner at an auction.
    It must have been a very early model, because it was old in the 1950s. She tried it out on our one bit of carpet and we stood enthralled as it changed colour! No, it wasn't that dirty, but suddenly the nap was turned revealing unfaded tufts. Love the blog.
    Do glance at one of mine when you can.
    I do Grandma P's Ramblings and also one about the antiques shop where I rent space. That is Pilgrims Antiques West Street Dorking.

  8. My mum had a hoover just like that! She very much preferred it to the more modern one she originally. As you said they can be taken apart and fixed easily. I'd forgotten about these! A lovely post of nostalgia.

  9. We had a hoover like this one too when I was little but it was a very attractive mustard yellow colour (it was the 70s) I remember the thick paper bags that were inside it.
    Twiggy x


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