Sunday, 6 June 2010

...And the Flags are just Magnificent!...

Hope you all had a nice weekend, and the sun shone his little socks off for you!
Just look at my magnificent Flag Iris growing 'great guns' in the pond - the pond is a tad overgrown and a bit 'wild' but I'm sure its good for the wildlife.

The front of the cottage - a wonderful show of Turks cap Lilly's bobbing away in the breeze. The scent is lovely and wafts into the house when I open the windows to let the warm fresh, summery air in.

Tin bath is 'up and running' - thanks to the efforts of Hubby P one evening its now in place in the greenhouse, looking like a very effective deepbed to grow all manner of lovely crops.

I planted it up with some seedling/plug lettuces given to me by a kindly friend, and a couple of sweet pepper plants. lots of seed too, but of course they are not showing yet - hopefully we will have beetroot, radish, and a few carrots - the radish are just showing today, amazingly fast germination.

These are my Tomatillo's - first time I have grown them, anyone know anything about them? I really don't know what to expect - it was a bit of a 'Oh yes - sure, I'll give them a go!' sort of a buy! They were cheap and cheerful!

This weeks project!

Sorting out my sewing corner - it was a bit of a shambles.

First of all I cleaned out my 'bits' tray - this old money/cash drawer (I lined it with the colourful felt) holds all the sewing bits and bobs - pins, scissors, tape measure etc and all the 'stuff ' a crafter collects - 'useful stuff ' - bits of ribbon, odd buttons, colourful scraps of paper - you know the sort of things. Well it had all got a bit out of hand - so a sort out was in order.
Now I found this at the car boot sale on Tuesday - don't you just love hessian - is it the smell? the texture? just something so 'rustic' about it!

Its a kind of folding screen/display board thingy, I thought it would be ideal in the wall behind my sewing machine and other 'clutter'. I could use it to pin up all the random bits and pieces that usually get heaped up on the money/cash drawer and lost.

My turning out and tidying turned up this rather lovely chart from a vintage copy of Womens Own - how great is that - just love the colours and pretty border designs.
It looks so well on the hessian.

So all is tidy again - for a while.
It my even inspire me to sew - that's if the sun goes in and I cant play out!
xxx That's all for now xxx take care xxx


  1. First of all, I adore your tub garden! I want one! Yes, we get tomatillas here in California in the late summer. They are tart, and have a sharp flavor, are green, and have a sort of papery cover, which is discarded before eating. Very good in Mexican cooking.

  2. I think the bath tub is fantastic - I'm off to find something similar!

  3. The garden is looking good! Isn't it fun planting and growing flowers and vegetables?!

    Well done on tidying your sewing corner...that is another job I need to tackle...funny, I seem to recall doing it only the other day!

  4. Your garden is looking lovely. I esp like the Turks cap lilys growing in your front garden. A name to remember so that I can pick one up if I'm lucky enough to see it.

  5. I love hessian it always reminds me of art class at school, we used to have hessian display boards.
    Twiggy x

  6. ~Love how nicely your greenhouse produce is coming along ! And tomatillo's ? LOVE them ! The ones I get here are about the size of a lemon. They have this funky paper like outer "skin". It's sort of papery thin. But just pop that off and you have what looks like a small green tomato ! I just chop them, add a little onion or some other salsa type ingredient... wonderful on scrambled eggs ! I know there are others ways to prepare them, but mine never last that long.

  7. Oooo thanks so much for all the info on Tomatillo's - cant say we see them in the shops here. The little papery lanterns are forming on the plants - I guess the fruits will form inside them. Cant wait to taste them.
    What a wonderful thing the web is - how else would I meet such nice people - and from all corners of the world!

    Vicky x

  8. Hello - we met on Sunday at the Mona boot sale. I am now back home in south east England. Love your blog and feel you are a friend.
    I have just done a blog about the antiques centre I am in - and you are the link between all the pictures.

    I do this once a week. I do something on my own blog every day. It saves writing an email about the days doings for several people!

    There are ususally lots of photos because it is a passion of both husband and me.
    Hope you might enjoy dipping in every now and then.

    Best wishes,

  9. Lovely post yet again.
    I missed the car boots when we were in Anglesey on the last bh......I do love the Mona one and the small one on the field....think its Benlech?
    Anyway I always follow your blog as you are on my blogs home page... Which I have so nelgelcted.
    Anyway back well and truly into blogland and will share all my bargain finds. Take care Heather x


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