Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Super-Heroes and Pretty Robes!

Hello lovelies!
Hope your week is going well.
I was just having a bit of a tidy in the bedroom this morning - thinking about dusting, although it didn't get that far - but I did give the photo at the side of my bed a bit of a wipe over.
Its the loveliest photo ever - its one of my own little Super-Heroes!

Those were special days, and 'for always' my boys will remain my little Super-Heroes - even though they are both in their twenties and head and shoulders above me!
This photo was taken one sunny morning on the way to Playgroup, it was Fancy Dress party of some kind - maybe end of the summer term. I was living on my own with the boys, money was - well - was very little, so I improvised and sewed a couple of felt Bats on their t-shirts and made a little Bat cape from some cheap lining fabric. They thought they were the 'bees knees' so that was okay. As I remember we had a great time.
We rumbled along, the three of us, for a time. Then I met the unique Hubby P - he too all alone, with two equally cheeky, funfilled little boys.
So the two became four, four bundles of high energy, racing. climbing, stress inducing little boys! I'm sure we spent a good percentage of our lives at the Accident and Emergency Dept of the local hospital!

But they were good days - I wouldn't swap them for the world!
I suppose I've been thinking about babies quite a lot the last couple of days (not that I'm Broody - Ohh Nooooooo! Gone are those days - I'm a realist now!).
I found these beautiful robes at the carboot sale. They were inn need of a good launder, but in such good order, and all for the princely sum of £2 each! ( after a bit of eyelash batting and haggling!)
It was a man selling them, and he mainly had rather nice vintage china, ornaments and whatnot on his stall, the robes were kind of bundled to one corner - not really his thing. He said they were from the fifties, but I think maybe the first one is from a little earlier, but then I'm no expert. I'm just thinking this because this first one is completely hand stitched - all of it, and its made from a simple fine plain cotton. Any ideas?

This bottom pic, shows the back neck, the neckline just has a edging of lace and is a draw string to adjust the size/fit and to close the garment.

I have tried here to show you the tiny dainty stitches used to attach the lace to the sleeve edging. ( don't look at my paint stained fingers! - so unlady like, as my Mother would say!)

It fastens around the waist with the long ties - makes babe all snug!

Just amazing the amount of work in one little garment.
Now this other robe is very decorative, possibly used as a Christening robe, really very lovely.

Made from a very fine lawn cotton, in excellent condition.

You can see the beautiful deep lacy border.

And its very long! I've hung it here - its hanging from a hook in my bedroom ceiling, its so long- I'm not sure where's best to display it. I'll have to play about with it a bit.
xx Anyway enough for now xx take care xx


  1. That is one cute photo, so they've always been cutie pies, bless em. My nephews are 18 and 21 this year and I still see them as the cheeky little monkeys that would come round and play in Uncle Gs car and shout have you got any sweeties Aunty S??
    Twiglet went to school on World Book Day last week as Thomas the Tank Engine, all the children looked so cute.
    Twiggy x

  2. I love that photo and your story too. My son is in the throes of his super hero days right now. It's really wonderful. I am sometimes so aware that it will never be this simple again. Thanks for sharing that.

  3. Great memory photos there. No wonder you couldn't get your housework done for looking at them and remembering.

    Those baby robes are so beautiful. AND what a bargain price!!!!

  4. Oh, nearly forgot. The eumovate cream I mentioned that might help your dog can be found at the chemist in Valley (where I used to get mine from). Its steroid based but great for a one/two off treatment and believe me it usually works! It costs about £5 for a teeny tube but a little goes a long long way.
    Another thing that might help her is a product called Bionic Biotic which is probiotics, herbs etc and a bit of a miracle worker. Cost £10 for 200g (again you only need a tiny bit every day so lasts ages) and you get it from Pets at Home or the net.

  5. wow those robes are just gorgous they were alot dearer than that at the Antique Textile Fair I went to in Manchester on Sunday - well done you

  6. i love the story and the photos :)

  7. The photo is so sweet, love their shoes!
    The robes are beautiful, so much work :)

  8. Such a cute photo of your boys. Those christening robes are beautiful: must have triggered a little sadness wondering who they once belonged to.

    Time moves on way too fast ...

    Shirl x

  9. The batboys are just super! Love them! What a hoot!

  10. The batboys are just super! Love them! What a hoot!

  11. White satin robe, the border finidhed with a deep flounce of real lace, and the front of the skirt trimmed en tablier with lace ; it is terminated upon the flounce by a knot of oiseau ribbon and a flower.


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