Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Hubby P's Gifts and Carboot Treasure Finds!

Mid week - not long to weekend! thank goodness! lets hope its sunny!
Carboot sale finds on Tuesday, I thought I would share this rather lovely retro print fabric with you. I found it wrapped in this old Tesco bag - who remembers Tesco selling or rather packaging things in these paper bags - I know I don't. But there it is, proof that paper was used - if only now they could see it as the way forward, I hate all this plastic tray nonsense - how on earth are we supposed to recycle it?
Anyway enough of the 'Save the Earth' soap box stuff - the fabric is a delight, its a kind of heavy-ish cotton. There wasn't too much of it so I thought if I simply cut it into four, it would make lovely teatowels, and I would have the pleasure of looking at it daily.
So that's what I did - they turned out well.

(note to Gary - 'new' Vintage kettle - no - it does'nt switch its self off!)

As I looked in my teatowel drawer - well, to be honest - its a bit full, so I thought I will keep two and maybe put two on ebay - share the loveliness around a bit! And if I can sell them it pays for the fabric, so my two will cost me nothing - a thrifty thought!

What a week for Hubby P's thrifting activities - I swear that man was a woman in another life! he puts us Girls to shame the was he scours the Charity Shops in his lunch hour!

Home he comes bearing gifts of all sorts of shapes, sizes, and wonderment!

This week he brought me a lovely little book, it is a Welsh Children's book - sadly I don't speak or read much Welsh - I have tried - honestly, so its difficult for me to tell you exactly what its about. However the pictures are just so lovely - I just had to share some of them with you.

She is such a lovely little dot! Busily looking at the flowers!

And how about this lovely bathtime pic!

I think this is my favorite - feeding the chickens, this could have been me and my Uncle (we grew up almost as brother and sister) - He wore the same short trousers!
What a delightful book - I must find something nice to do with the pictures, the book is almost falling apart. The old Ladies in the shop gave it to Hubby P (no charge - its falling apart) they said 'for your wife' - they know I like sewing and crafting, and save many a bag of fabric/wool for me.
Another delightful surprise yesterday - just look at this lovely box that Hubby P found - and it was full of Vintage gloves - how wonderful!

It was just packed with gloves - someones collection of loveliness. Hubby spotted it in the C Shop, snapped it up and brought it home.

What fun I had pulling out the gloves and Oooooing and Ahhhhhhing!
All a kinds of gloves, all colours, all fabrics - wonderful.
I had a session playing about - trying them on and whatnot. Unfortunately I do not have the hands of Elizabeth Bennett, or Dorcas Lane - mine are somewhat heftier and roughened with gardening and whatnot - sad but true!
So I shall keep the ones that fit - and maybe ebay the smaller more daintier ones - a shame but I am trying to be realistic, they would only sit in a drawer, it would be nice if they could be worn and enjoyed.

I am luckily enough to be able to wear these - Gloriously Pink Pair! Ideally suited to go with my Easter bonnet!
Better go now Hubby P is busy switching off lights, he's brought me tea and toast (with lashings of butter - a la' Dorcas lane) for my supper - it must be nearly bedtime.
xxx Take care for now xxx


  1. the fabric is awesome! I don't ebay but if I did, I'd buy it. :)
    the box of gloves, so lovely !

  2. I've said it before, but I'll say it again.....where did you find that man of yours????? He's a diamond! What lovely loveliness! xxx

  3. Very funky material; gorgeous colours. That husband of yours is a saint! ... :0)

    Shirl x

  4. Hi Vicky,

    Just wanted to say a big thank you, I received your yummy giveaway yesterday and it really cheered me up (I shall blog about it tomorrow). I agree with the other comments, you are so lucky that your husband is a keen CS bargain hunter, Mr. P wouldn't be seen dead in one (but I suppose that could be arranged, lol!).

    The box and the gloves are just lovely.
    Jak x

  5. The box that contained all the gloves brought back memories for me of my mothers jewellery box. It was made from cards, crocheted together at the edges to look like your box. I think it was fashionable to make them at one time.

  6. What great finds. I love the fabric - so retro, and what a great hubby to spot those goodies!

  7. Thanks for all your kind comments about Hubby p - its fair turning his head! Tracey was asking where I found him, well he will tell you I found Him stuck to a rather grim carpet in a dodgy nightclub - so he couldn't run away!
    That of course was rather a few years ago now, when we were young and foolish - and thought nothing of frequenting nightclubs, now we are more likely to be tucked up in bed than out on the tiles!

    Vicky x

  8. the box is lovely, I'm sure I remember my gran having one like it!
    Josie x

  9. Eeeek!! A kettle that doesn't switch off! How am I to cope with that!
    Glad to see things keep ticking along at your end....sping time is here! Hoorah!

  10. Just dropping by to say hi! Will be back again.


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