Saturday, 27 March 2010

Geoffrey Update!

Geoffrey would just like to say 'Good Evening'!!

Here he is playing 'Peek - a - Boo' with Hubby P!
He runs from one 'window' of the treehouse/bird table to the other, peeking out!

Cutie or what!
Hope you are having a good weekend x


  1. A little mouse with clogs on - oh! I declair!

    Kath x

  2. So sweet! ... :0)

    Shirl x

  3. I don't like hes a Doormouse, John. I think he's too big!


  4. Geoffrey, You are stealing hearts on the other side of the world.

  5. I found you in a rather circuitous way... someone had left a comment on purplepoddedpeas blog, and one of the blogs they followed was in CAPITAL letters.. ANGLESEY ALLSORTS, so that it stood out and attracted my attention. I know Anglesey, though haven't visited since a child, but it is where my father came from, where his sister lived until she died several years ago and where a happy childhood holiday was spent staying in Treaddur Bay.
    Was interested in the bread maker... I used to make bread eons ago and thought I would like to start again, but not being as strong or having as much stamina as I once did, was doubtful I could manage the kneading... though I loved doing it... and had been thinking about a breadmaker myself. No car boots around here, and charity shops not allowed to sell electrical goods, so Ebay maybe here I come!
    Nice blog...
    Maggie at


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