Thursday, 4 March 2010

At the Mercy of Your Underwear? and Magic Carpets!

Are you too - at the mercy of your underwear??
I had to smile when I found these at the carboot sale!
And then I watched Larkrise to Candleford - where Mrs Browne was given an itchy woolly 'combinations' as a present from her Husband - how excited she was when she received the fancy box, thinking no doubt that it was something exotic!
Poor woman was driven to distraction with the itchy underwear - as she said - she was at the 'mercy of her underwear!'
But these are just fantastic! - I snapped them up and hauled them home!
What a great pity they wouldn't fit Hubby P - not anyhow - just to small, Hubby P having a real 'fine - manly ' figure!

These are real turn of the Century 1940's woollen long johns the sort a Gentleman wore in conjunction with his braces. These traditional items of attire do not have elastic and are supported by brace tapes (loop through your braces) this arrangement keeps your underwear securely in place all day!
Somehow 'trussed up turkey' comes to mind!

I did think one of the boys? - but it seems they couldn't be persuaded (well it wouldn't be polite to print what they said!).
Although I can see a certain something in them on the right man, with the right 'attire' and attitude - think how we swooned over Mr Darcy in his breeches!

Its all about attitude and how you carry it off - although imagine the faff of washing - and drying all that stretchy/shrink-y wool!

One of the vests did fit Richard, and he's wearing it for bed - it does look quite good on him, and he says it is very warm. He is young and lean - how they would fair on a more 'hummm - manly figure I'm not so sure - no elastane then you know!

I've put these on Ebay hopefully somewhere in the world there is a modern day Mr Darcy who can carry off this sort of 'sexy fogy attire', and will thank me for my diligence, and thoughtfulness towards Gentleman's fashion! Hopefully he wont simply be a Cad - Gosh that would be most shocking!


This is my Magic Carpet - also snapped up at the carboot sale for a couple of pounds.

It was lying in a heap on the floor - a bit, well a lot mucky really! The thing is its quite lightweight and easily went into the washing machine. I thought for a couple of pounds - if it falls to bits - well its not like I have spent a lot of money.
Anyway - its come up super duper, I just wanted to put it down in the sitting room - heavy traffic area with the dogs, and its easy enough to take up and throw in the washer.
Richard helped me put it down and we decided it looked like on of those Magic Carpets that would whisk you away on 'Adventures' - and he was daft enough to sit down on it and 'Wish an Wish' - perhaps it only happens in the dead of night - or a full moon - or some other quirky time, or magic words even!
Anyway we couldn't get it to shift - any ideas??
Where could we go on our Adventure? - maybe there is a sexy hunky Genie too! - am I getting carried away!!?

Nice and sunshiny again today!

The daffs are at last shooting up at the front of the cottage - this is at the bottom of the garden wall, roadside.

And look at these beauties just peeping out at the world!

I planted the old wood basket up with some Hellebore's (never grown them before - I hope they do okay) and a couple of cheap-y primulas.
xxxx Take care for now xxx enjoy the sun xxx


  1. mr.darcy {swoon}!

    love your magic carpet~i feel i need to start going to car booters, i must be missing some real treats...

  2. Mr. Darcy in his undies, now you're talking, too much for a girl to comprehend over breakfast, lol! I love the carpet, you seem to find all manner of lovelies in Anglesey, our bootfairs in Kent don't start 'til Easter.
    Jak x

  3. The thought of Mr. Darcy in his undies is enough to make me smile this morning!

    And your carpet is lovely!

    Thank you for your visit yesterday - the Princess is off around the world again today. We had a few good school trips when we were in England. I remember going to York on the train when I was about 13. It was wonderful!

  4. I like your carpet. Mmm- where would I like to go? I know a very small corner of France - a perfect little village with a wonderful weekly market and a divine cake shop. Add a blue, blue skies and a clear cold river. Yes, I think I'll go there... but it would be best to wait until it's a bit warmer. Love Kathy xxx

  5. Spring is here-lets hope we don't need the woolen underwear!

  6. oh dear - you really crack me up! first - I love the underwear! It reminds me of John Walton - does it have buttons on the bottom?

    and secondly - I love the rug - how do you do it? Can I send you a list of my ideal car boot finds for you to work on? hehehehe

    Happy Sunnyday!


  7. So refreshing to see you garden. You are so much further ahead than we. Just began raking some today.


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