Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Ello' there campers! How's your week going?
Hope you are not succumbing to the dreaded February depression - tis a dreary month!
It may have been a bit grey and damp today but I got myself ready and trotted off to the car boot sale. Just for a change of scene really - I think I was getting a bit to obsessive/occupied with the housework - not a healthy thing!
I managed to find this lovely wicker basket for a couple of pounds - isn't it pretty, and its in such good order.
The little scarf is just so pretty too - I can't decide if they are ducks or geese, but its cute. It will come in for some nice sewing project, or maybe just nice used as a lining for a little basket.
This post is going to be a bit photo heavy - but lots of pretty things to show you!

The geese/ducks are sort of Easter-ish, don't you think?

On to a little Thrifty Snippets bit!

The other day in the supermarket I was buying toilet tissue - as you do ! and I was going along comparing prices, and I saw the whole array of paper handkerchief's or tissues - such a huge array, lots of different colours and sizes.
Now its not something I usually buy - perhaps occasionally if we have bad colds, but as a rule I use the old fashioned - and it must be said - very pretty, washable cotton handkerchiefs.
I started doing this because I just love the pretty hankies, but thinking about it, it does save money - and trees, by not buying the disposable tissues. The old fashioned cotton or linen ones are easy enough to wash, and I think most of us will put a load of washing in every day - I just throw the hankies in with a general wash. Yes they do benefit from an iron - at least they look better - they can be used un-ironed of course. Personally I like a nice crisp cotton hankie (I give them a little spray of starch - just love the smell!)

These are a few of my everyday hankies - pretty bits of lace and embroidery - utterly feminine! Hubby P does have some Men's handkerchief's - but they are pretty boring - funnily enough he wont use the lacy ones!

These are a touch fancier - so pretty!

Pretty, pretty butterfly - I cant bring myself to use this one yet, but it sits in the hankie bag.

And how super sexy is this one!

This sweet little number reminds me of the sort of thing I would buy for my Mum for Mothers Day - that's not long off!

I store all my hankies in a pretty peg bag that was kindly made for me by Josie from sykessillysite.blogspot.com/
(Josie makes the most lovely things - take a little look at her blog - you can link from my side bar)
Anyway the little bag hangs from the rails of my bed - handy for me to grab a hankie each morning.

Told you this was a long blog - if you are still with me - nearly finished!
Just a couple of tatty suitcases (yes! more cases!) - I found these at the weekend, they were only £1 each, but pretty tatty inside.

I have just lined them with newspaper - I got them to store my fabric in and the newspaper just makes it case cleaner and fresher - good enough to store the bits and pieces of treasured fabric.

Got the pics back to front again - but you get the idea.
So that's what I've been up to - what have you been doing? Hows the thrift going - leave me a comment - spread the thrifty tips! Goodness knows we need all the penny saving tips we can get!


  1. Oh you do always find the best things. Love that basket and what pretty hankies. I often wonder what happened to all the old hankies I had when I was a wee Taz.

  2. We are a proper hanky family too! I bought some for my grandaughter once & she didn't know what they were for!!!! (she still uses tissues!)

  3. It's proper hankies here too!
    That grey suitcase is just like the one my Dad bought his belongings in when he came to live with my Mom after their wedding. She now stores all the old photographs in it.

    Jo xx

  4. Yes - you can beat a nice hankie!
    How lovely Jo that you have a little case of your Fathers in the family, you have its true history, something to treasure. I have very little of my Father - only memories.

    Vicky x

  5. Love your hankies - I've got a vast array too - you can't beat a hankie when you've got a cold - kinder on the nose too!

  6. I love proper hankies as well. They were the first thing I learnt to iron when I was a child!

    Thrifty things? I made myself a bag with a zip and fabric scraps to take on holiday with me, got given a lovely tapestry cushion - not blogged about it yet, and a pair of pinking shears - does this count? ;-)

  7. I love the Hankies - I had just bought some myself!
    I remember when I was a child, at the school summer fair they used to get a dress and pin hankies all over it that people had donated, and you could buy them off her for 50p and unpin your own hanky - I always wanted her job!


  8. wow what a lot of pretty hankies....

    Gill in Canada

  9. Hankies are brill, always have one!
    Lining the suitcase is a good idea.


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