Thursday, 22 October 2009

Car Boot Treasure and General Buttoniness!

Hello there! Just a quickie post - just thought i would do something creative (post a blog) whilst I eat my sandwich, rather than browsing through the new Evans Online - lovely clothes, so tempting, but given I am the shape of a lumpy sack - at best, no amount of lovely clothes hide the fact! Ahhh well - its something to do with my cake addiction I think!
On to Buttons - I've been testing them out, and yes folks - they are all rather lovely and lend a certain cuteness to all crafty projects!
I needed a lamp to put in the summer house, so I found a rather unusual base - £1 at the car boot of course. It is sturdy and rather heavy which is what I wanted, so that it wouldn't get knocked over easily. The shade was just a cheapy thing too - 50p from another stall holder. So I set to and covered it in buttons - and more buttons!

The base is really unusual - its a kind of resin with what look like sweet wrappers inside it - well I liked it. You can tell by the electrical wiring that its quite old. Hubby P tested the electrics and its just fine, so off to the summer house it goes.

I made a similar lampshade a while ago, this one sits by my sewing machine, amongst all the bits and bobs necessary to a sewing/crafting session. Bit like a colourful toadstool!

And having one or two buttons to spare I made a chunky bracelet!

Carboot Treasure - not too much this week, its just getting too wet and cold for people to stand outside selling their goods and chattels - I don't blame them.
I found these lovely little Vintage booklets - a delight to look through.

I saw these patterns for a set of Father and Son underware and immediately thought of my own dear family - curiously enough they declined! And so Very Stylish! I don't know whats the matter with the man! He said something about 'not being seen dead in them'!! He's such a spoilsport - we could have a real old laugh!

These slippers are so cute - remember that time when children were children, and wanted 'bunny' slippers rather than Britney, or Disney Princess!

This last little booklet was issued during the War, a fascinating insight to what women had to do to make their clothes last. Hubby P looked on Ebay - he has a wont of doing this with every treasure I bring home - not one of his most lovable traits I must say. Anyway he says this book has just been published again, no doubt in a more modern fashion.

This original has fascinating paragraphs on the care of your stockings and how it is preferable (if at all possible) to have two corsets and wear them alternately to make the rubber elastic last. And handy hints on how to repair where the bones have pushed through the fabric!
Imagine wearing a boned corset - and stockings everyday, to do your housework, bending, stretching, scrubbing - must have been a nightmare!

This is interesting - the Forward, just thanking 'you all' for the effort put in during Rationing - how very British!

And a bit of Autumn colour in the garden! Hubby P brought home for me the little wire basket - it lends itself well to the cyclamen.

xx Bye for now xx


  1. What a brilliant and unique way to use your buttons - I bet the shade looks fantastic with the light on!

  2. Wow loads of buttons!
    I like the bracelet, good idea. I can't see why your men don't want those stylish under garments-no taste!

  3. Buttontastic!!
    I LOVE the lampbase.....if ever you tire of it please give me first refusal.
    Hubby bring home wire baskets? CLONE him!
    What glue did use?

  4. Hi Gigibird and anyone else that is interested! re the lampshade, I just used PVA glue (its what I had!)and I found that if I did one row around the base of the shade and let it dry - then another and so on, the buttons didn't slide off.

    Happy buttoning x Vicky x

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  7. I am a contributing author for a button blog and I was wondering if you minded me putting your lamp shade pictures on with a link to your post. Let me know. I really wuld like to try that too.

  8. Loving your button lamps they are gorgeous and what a great idea.
    And I WANT a pair of bunny slippers :)

  9. What a great way to use the buttons! Those slippers are too cute for words!
    Have a great weekend.

  10. hooray a button bracelet!

    i adore your lamps, especially the 'toadstool' one~very hobbiton :)

  11. Thanks for you comments, I think I put too much pressure on myself that everything had to be perfect and with only me to do it all of course I fail. I did spend a couple of hours yesterday trying to sort out the tip that is youngests bedroom. I have yet to tackle the ironing but as my eldest has must come home from a night away I've decided to snuggle with her on the sofa instead :)


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