Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Ageing Gracefully - But All of A Do Da!!

Hello there! Hope you're all well, and keeping warm no the weathers turned!
Just a few rambling thoughts about the changes happening in my little world. I was mooching about this morning, it was nice and sunny,a bit of a nip in the air, but nice to be outside. I always spend a few minutes everyday just feeding the chickens, rabbits and sundry wild birds.Its a nice chore - just to mooch about and enjoy the garden. I take a ramble around, looking for whats new in the garden beds and what is fading away ready to have a long sleep and renew ready for the Spring.
Do you remember the three legged chairs I won in an Auction this time last year ( yes well! I just got carried away - Hubby P wasn't impressed that I had bought three chairs with which he couldn't even make one good one!!) They were such lovely old things - so I put them in the garden - as Art! to Age Gracefully! (Hubby P it has to be said - did have a bit of 'difficulty' with this one!) but as the foliage grew around them they looked wonderful! Seats fit for Fairy Princesses no less!
Well here they are - ageing in a most beautiful way - the moss on the seat is perfection, Man could certainly not produce anything so soft fresh and purely magical! I wish you could just rub your finger across it - its lovely!

All the colours of the fading foliage - like jewels scattered across its seat!

And the wooden backs - like pieces of old Gothic sculpture amongst the leaves and last Flowers of the season. That lovely faded, ancient colour that only real wood can achieve.

The seat of this one, its once magnificent brocade faded and threadbare, just the sparkly strands of golden thread, to hint at its past beauty!

Such a wonderful season, a feast for all the senses, the wonderful colours, fresh nip in the air, and that - oh so 'something' that you can smell in the air!

Yes a delightful morning - lots of 'faffing about' outside, Soooooooooo important to 'ones' well being you know!
So I came inside - eventually to do something useful. I had bought a nice coat at the carboot, but really it too small -who was I kidding! So I thought - 'get it put on ebay, get back some of that money you spent on clothes that raelly you knew would be too small etc etc' - this is me giving myself 'motivational' aggro, is it me? or do you too, give yourself lots of nagging?
Anyway this is the scary bit!
I tried the coat on - one last time - no it didn't fit, and no, realistically I am not going to 'slim into it'!
So I sat down at the computer to list it on ebay - felt a funny scratchy something on my hand, looked down - OMG!!!!!!!! A HUGE, I MEAN HUGE SPIDER!!!! on MY HAND!!!

It must be said usually I am not too worried about spiders - but this was HUGE!
She must have been in the coat all this time - hiding in the sleeve!

Of course all the shrieking brought Richard (my son) rushing in, he was really impressed, and told me to stop frightening the poor thing! I don't think he really grasped who was the most afraid!

Just look its HUGE!

Richard picked it up to take it outside, then it started running - going into/up his sleeve - WELL!! this sent me into a real Do Da!! What is it when you think your young ones are threatened - I know! - its only a little spider! but something really rather basic kicks in doesn't it- I started the shrieking thing again!
OMG - I had to have sweet tea for shock!
Once Richard had saved the poor spider from my 'Totally Over The Top' shrieking!

I think I am getting a bit - addled! is that a good word for it? - in my old age! haha!

xx That's all for now folks xx


  1. What a lovely post! A poetic start and hilarious end! I'm also a bit addled, it must be our age! XXX

  2. I am sorry but that spider would be dead if I had found it....I am an animal lover but spiders freak me....the photo of your sons arm avec hairy beast is enough to make me go all queer for days...
    It’s funny but I always shake coats before putting them on…and I’m sure you will from now on!

  3. The chairs look wonderful.
    I would have completely freaked out if the creature had been on me. Didn't get to see the rest of your post had to scroll past the you know what. Even the word gives me th ecreeps

    The word verification word was notheae which i translated as no see with a lisp must have referred to the eight legged creature

  4. What a whopper, we've got a lot of big spiders too, we had one living on the stairs last Christmas called Rudolph. The chairs are looking great.
    Twiggy x

  5. oh good grief! i would have passed out in a dead faint if that were me!

  6. It's that special time of the year when the spiders move back into the house. That is some big spider though!

  7. I always bang my boots upside down, just in case of spiders. But the coat thing - gave me the willies.

  8. Lovely chairs,love the idea!
    Poor old spider thinking she'd got a nice long rest coming up and you might have sold her on Ebay too!!!Do hope the poor dear is fine out in the garden and not getting cold.By the way don't come to Aus if you think that's a big spider..we have Wolf spiders and Huntsman both of them hairy with it.So big they have names when they come inside and clear up all the insects.

  9. Spider distracted me...the chairs in the gardens looked like paintings. I do the same thing.

  10. I feel de-spidering duty coming on before we next visit!! In our house....the hand held hoover is coming in very handy these days...I think of it as one big spider party!! Xx

  11. LOL, I also have a thing about spiders. I found a huge garden spider on my collar the other day and nearly had a fit! So I know exactly where you are coming from.

  12. Blimey!! The size of that spider, you wouldn't have seen me except for dust in the distance!!

    Your chairs look lovely, very regal and something very Georgian about your piccies.

    Have a great weekend ... :0)


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