Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Handbags at the ready!!

Hello! Hope you've all been making the most of these last few warm and sunny days - well it has been nice here.
Life has been warm pleasant for me for the last few days - a blessing, I am so lucky, this life can sometimes be so stressful! I send you some healing vibes if you are having difficulties at the moment.
I had a lovely day out last week with my sister, to say she only lives a stones throw away, we don't see enough of each other. We had a trip out to a wonderful garden centre - the sort that have nice cafe's, so Lunch was a must!
Its so much more enjoyable browsing around when you are with someone who is just as obsessed as you about plants - and wants to buy almost everything - swearing there is a corner, a space, where such and such would look just wonderful. She said she just loved shopping with me for plants, because if she held two plants up and asked which one, I would just say 'Well! of course you simply must have them both!'
Of course we spent far too much - but what are Mastercards there for - they call it Mastercard - so I say 'Feel The Force', and treat yourself! We call it therapy, after all it would cost a lot more for a stay at the Priory Therapy Centre!
What did we buy - all sorts - a box full!

I just loved all the Heuchera's they had, I chose this one called Marmalade - such a fantastic colour!

This ruby rich sedum was on Sale - half price! How could a girl resist, I know its a bit leggy, but it will be fine and give some nice colour during the Autumn months. I treated myself (I know - treated myself A LOT!!) to this pretty, pretty Wandflower too - so delicate, it reminds me of Fairies, and 'other worldliness'!
So we had a 'Grand' day, It would just have been really nice if Mum could have been with us, sadly she is no longer with us. I like to think of her deep in the herbaceous boarders of Heaven, seaturs in hand, and battered sun hat on her head!
Weekend saw us at three carboot sales - that's going some for us!
Lots of bargins!
A nice little sexy black bottle of scent - an Avon one I think -a Girl can't have enough sweet smelling stuff!

And Handbags!!!! lots and lots - how could I pass these up. The Dealer who was selling them offered them to me at £2 each! She had a whole heap of Vintage bags so I stood in the middle, had a good scrabble through the pile. I came away with these six!

I know, I know - I cant possibly NEED that many, plus the cupboard full I already have. I will have to have a sort out, maybe - just maybe, some will end up on ebay.

Just look at this dinky little bag, it has little compartments, with a scent bottle, compact and even a cigarette case! How smart is that! Just Love it!

Of all of them I think I like this blue one best - well, this week I like the blue! Mind you it doesn't really matter - I have one for every day of the week!
Hubby P is being very Patient - just totally baffled about this Handbag 'addiction', I said he was just 'darned lucky' that I wasn't into wanting Prada or some such - a truly expensive habit!
Nice box!
Just a little something for me to play with, do up or whatever.

I just loved the way it has worn and aged - I just love the history, the story a thing can hint at through its dents, scratches, and faded colours.

Now enough about me, me, me! I seem to have acquired such a lot of delightfully, interesting bits and bobs. So I looked for something - a book or something to interest Hubby P.
Scanning the heap of stuff unloaded from one of the dealers vans, I noticed a crumpled heap of dirty tarpaulin, thinking maybe there would be old car bits or tools, I picked it up.
Just look what I found!

Its what Hubby P thinks is an old Advertising hoarding, or curtain from a tobacconists kiosk, or shop, the sort you use to get on Railway stations. He was thrilled with his gift - he just loves all the researching, finding out where, when, and what for!
I gave it a soak in the bath - what a lot of muck came out, years worth I suppose, then put it in the washer! Its come up a lot cleaner - goodness knows what he will do with it, if he finds its worth anything it will be on ebay! Hubby P's job is still a bit wobbly, so every penny may be needed!

xx That's all for now folks xx Take care xx


  1. Hi
    Such interesting finds. I love all the bags and the little treasures you found inside. The plants are beautiful and will certainly add a bit of colour in the coming months. Isn't the advertising hoarding great. It would be a shame to part with it. Glad you had such a grand day. x

  2. Wow all those handbags- one for every day of the week there!

  3. I can remember when that purfume was launched.....
    I have this sedum - mine has gone leggy but I abuse plants so I'm surprised it's still alive - it is so beautiful.
    Tha advertising canvas is very interesting - makes me think it may have been used at sporting events - I can imagine it at the side of a football match.

  4. nice finds~i love finding out about things i have come to own...turns out a blue and white jar with brass srew top thinginy on top was a 1800's utility wear tabacco jar for the princely sum of £4! i love it to bits :)

  5. Love the awning. We have a lovely sedum in the garden, I only bought it last year and it's huge now.
    Is your new ebay shed really for your handbag collection :)
    Love to everyone from us 3!!
    twiggy x

  6. You got a real bargain with those vintage bags!! Gorgeous!


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