Thursday, 30 April 2009

A Little Rain and the Garden's jus' Lovin' it!

Hello there, hope all's well with you!
Life's just been rumbling along here, nice and quiet, just as we like it - we are so lucky, so many people are struggling along with uncertain futures. This Swine Flu thing is a bit worrying, everyone is going to be worried about the slightest sniffle! Lets just hope it passes without harming too many people, life is tough enough at the moment with this Recession.
On a lighter note, a little rain last night and the garden seems to have taken on a lovely lush summery feel, all is green and it smells 'fresh and green an summery' if you know what I mean!
This little guy was busy doing his thing!

And the sun shining through the leaves brings up all the glorious colours!

I spent a lot of money (well a lot for me - too much to mention to Hubby P!) on Alliums last year, so I am quite excited to see them emerging - I just know they are going to be fantastic. I think they are so lovely - they remind me of my Mum, she loved them too, she would buy just a couple each year - her 'One Weakness' was plants, an extravagance she could not really afford being a Widow on a small pension. Her garden gave her so much pleasure - I do hope there are gardens in Heaven - somewhere she can do a bit of weeding!

Bit more done on the Summer House! Over the weekend we (me doing the 'Yes - it looks straight to me' bit!) put up the wooden frame for the roses and clematis to climb up, and over. It just needs a bit of finishing off then I can get the plants in.

Car Booty finds!

I know I showed you the lovely lampshade I found on the last post. Well I found an ideal lamp stand for it. It was in pieces when I found it - someone had thrown it out of a box and it had been stood on, and broken. Well I paid my 50p and brought it home for Hubby p to do his magic! It just needed re-gluing back together, it worked really well and looks great.

Looks just the part on our old Radiogram. The only hitch was finding an old style light bulb (not the new energy efficient ones) so that the lampshade would fit on it - the shade has little wires that straddle the bulb.
Hubby P found one on a shelf in the local Garage - non of the Super stores sell them now. Although he is rather concerned that having the lamp switched on will increase out Carbon Footprint no end!
Honestly! the things we have to worry about these days!
Three little Council men turned up yesterday with 'Another' big wheelie bin for me - a green one this time, with a booklet of Do's and Donts, when I looked inside there were' Two More' recycling boxes! That makes a total of Three big bins and Four recycling boxes we have been given - Just How Much rubbish do they think we have!
I said to Hubby P -'Well at least they will make good planting boxes!' I have some little chitted potatoes that are looking for a good home!

Leave you with a nice picture of my lamp and pretty Ballerina Lady!
Take care xx


  1. Your garden is looking lovely missus and the little summer house is great. I said to Mr Twigs the other day oooo the garden will love this rain, then realised I've turned into my Granny :)
    Twiggy x

  2. Your flowers are beautiful - they look so bright and cheery.

    Your new lamp base is perfect for your shade as well.

    Have a lovely week-end and enjoy your garden for me.


  3. Hi, can i come and stay in your summerhouse. The garden looks lovely. x

  4. Lovely photos and I just love your summerhouse ... :0)


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