Wednesday, 23 July 2008


Hi you! Hope all's well!
Just a few bits and bobs to share with you!
Look at this Vintage brolly I found - and all for just £1, it has a small tear in the fabric - but isn't it just Fab!

Its so pretty and flowery - I think I may just use it as a sunshade, its so bright and cheery!!!

On the Shed Front!
I found these exciting wooden boxes, just the very thing for storing Hubby P's car bits in (£2 each) - I thought they were so shabby/pretty looking, so much easier on the eye than anything plastic I could buy!
As you can see they must have been used by the National Trust at some time - does that mean we might have a bit of National Treasure about us??

From labels attached to the outside I think they were used for storing flower bulbs in, crocus and that sort of thing. As you can see they are stackable - Is it just me? or would you get excited at the thought of such rustic shabbyness residing in your shed!!

On the 'Glamour' front! - I found a couple more vintage lipsticks. I like the ones in the metal gold/bronze cases, and the shades of lippy are just amazing! - if you went out with some colours on these days, people would think -'what a shame, fancy her carer letting her go out like that!'
Some make you look positively anaemic, and they taste just awful - all whale blubber and whatnot I should think!
It means I have the perfect lippy on stand by for when my Vintage phone rings, and I can
quickly apply said whale blubber - and answer 'Gwalchmai 172!' - just looking the absolutely
perfect part! (see an earlier Post - you may be a bit confused!)

Sorry photos a bit rubbish!
On The Garden Front!
We have started to enjoy - with great gusto I might add - our home grown veg! The little round carrots were from the window boxes we made earlier in the year - they were so sweet many of them didn't make it to the pan, we just sat outside, rubbed the compost off them and ate them like toffees! Wish I had planted more now!

Another exciting Carboot-y find! - I know it just looks like a few boring pots with something growing in them! But I have wanted an Agapanthus for ages - they are so expensive in the Garden centres, but a wonderful Lady was selling these at £1/pot £ for £2.50 - I could have kissed her - I didn't - she would have thought that a bit over the top!
Anyway - I was pleased! - and have now carefully planted these in the garden with every safeguard against slugs I can think of! Fingers crossed they do well!
I will take the nice Carboot-y Lady some spare plant pots, she tells me its her husband who has 3 greenhouses and likes (is encouraged??) to keep busy growing and potting - so she sells a few on the carboot - keeps him in compost!

Just a little chicken for Gary and Rob !!

Got to go, Ta Ta for now xxxx


  1. You always seem to get the most amazing finds at car boot sales! I'm sure there is a knack to looking because I only seem to see other people's junk!

  2. I absolutely love the NT boxes. I think those are probably rather sought after. And I'd have snapped up the brolly too!

  3. Hi,

    Just to let you know I've tagged you on my blog

    April xx

  4. Hi this is my first visit, lovely umbrella but the boxes are really great and quite rare to come across I should imagine.

  5. Agapanthus at those prices!!!!! I REALLY want one but went to the garden centre and they are 20 quid a pop, does the lady concerned do mail order????
    Some nice stuff there missus, pretty brolly and jolly nice NT boxes, v.rustic!
    I remember my mum wearing lippy like that in the 70s kind of day glo orange - phwoar! my mum was (still is in my opinion) very glam and a right looker ! what happened to me?????
    Have a nice weekend
    Twiggy x

  6. I love the pretty umbrella and those boxes look so sturdy and useful.
    Round carrots? I might have a try at growing those next year when I get my garden under control.
    Thanks for the interesting post.

  7. I'm sure that chicken is giving us an evil stare!! But needless to say - yet another fab installment in the world of Vicky's blog!

  8. I would love those boxes ...well done you ;-)

  9. ooh my mum wore lippy like that and she always makes her lipstick all straight across at the top, mine always goes pointy! Love the colours and the image of you on the phone acting as lady of the house!!
    You do find some gorgeous stuff at car boot sales. I am going to one on Sunday so keep your fingers crossed for me!!

  10. Wow, you got really really really great stuff!
    I love the Brolly/sunshade, Boxes, lippy's,Veggies, and the other fing ..... wosit.

    Though i have loads of whale blubber on my ar.... tooshey so i wont be sticking it on my lips as well. lol.

    Lovely blog Honey.
    Thanks for sharing. X

  11. I've tagged you missus, no rest for the wicked :)
    Twigs x

  12. Looks like you had some real finds at the car booty !

    Can you let me have the name of those little carrots as I am compiling a list for next years garden patch.


    Vanessa x


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