Friday, 26 March 2010

Yummy Bread, Flowers, Finds and Romance!!!

Great excitement at the Allsorts household, and lots of scoffing!
I've been looking for a breadmaker for a couple of weeks, I've been inspired by Frugal Queen
( - do visit for a good read!) - she is a dab hand at creating frugal, tasty meals and she makes all her own bread. The bread she bakes in a bread maker, and she has calculated it costs a fraction of the shop price, around 17p a loaf I think she said - sounds good to me! And of course homemade bread always tastes so much better, and you know what goes into it etc etc. I did use to make my own, but I felt it was costing a lot in electricity if I put the oven on for just bread - and I didn't always want, or have time to spend in the kitchen 'filling the oven' with other things. With this new breadmaker it takes no time at all to put the ingredients in, and then it just gets on with it!
As I said I have been looking for a couple of weeks - checking ebay, always my first port of call, but with the postage costs they were all out of my price range. 'Not to worry, thought I' - I am very much a 'Everything comes to she who waits' kinda girl, and low - at the carboot on Tuesday there was a breadmaker. I bought it from a lady who always stands, she just sells kitchen utensils/equipment, it is always very clean, and you can take things back if you are not happy - ideal!

I don't know if it is one of the 'best' kinds or whatever - it was £8, well she asked £10 but it being a carboot - and haggling being all part and parcel, and a lot of the fun, I got it for £8!
It seems just fine to me, I still have to get the yeast amounts right - I've had varying results, some quite dramatic! I think I am use to baking by the 'chuck it in and give it a mix' method, and the breadmaker demands a bit more caution - still, the bread tastes yummy!
(I need to read the instructions properly!)

And its come to that time of year - the bunnies have come out of the cupboard.

I bought some yummy chocolate and filled these tonight, all ready for Easter treats!
No one is ever too old for a little bit of chocolate!

We had a bit of sunshine today, after the rain, so the garden was looking quite lush. Things are greening up quite nicely.

Pretty - sunshiny yellow by the door.

A trug full of bobbing baby daffs.

And remember my old wood basket and the manky old bulbs I planted in it - well its done really well - a riot of colour!

A little something for all you Thrifting carboot addicts, amongst this last weeks finds -

these pretty chocolate brown enamelled kettle/teapots - they are huge.
A real case of 'More Tea Vicar'!!!
I've just stood them next to Chicken Lickin and Henny Pen for - well - you know, artistic 'Country Livin' photo's. My little chickens live in the house over winter and sun themselves in the garden in summer, they were a lovely present from my little sister! How well does she know me!
The problem with the kettles is that they are so big, I don't know where to display them. They are too big for a shelf - stick over the edge, if I hang them from the ceiling you just see the underside, I don't want to leave them outside, they are to good for that. So I don't know - they may end up on ebay yet, I had them in the inglenook, near the woodburner, until Hubby P - busily bringing in wood managed to fall over them and bang his shin! - the air was a bit blue!
So I thought I had better move them - the last thing I want is for them to get damaged by these big hulking men!
So keep a lookout on ebay for shin bashing teapots! lol!
There is a link to my ebay on the side bar - I am forever listing bits and bobs, the house being so small - as I find treasures I'm afraid some things have to move on!

Hubby P wanted these! They are some sort of fuel containers - I quite like the soft muted colours, and the fact that they can stay in the garden - lots more room in the garden! Just waiting for him to fall over these - he will have them right by the door!
I hope it doesn't look too much like an old garage or scrap yard!

And just to leave you in the mood......

Toady romance - I think there is a Lady somewhere underneath the pond weed!
Have a good weekend - happy thrifting!
xxx Take care xxxx